Ever wonder how people manage to get those bright green, thick, luscious lawns that only appear in the movies? Well, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the perfect lawns you see on TV are attainable.

Of course, to get a front lawn like that, you’ll need to put in tons of hard work and effort. It requires a combination of simple tasks that need to be done regularly. So if you want to learn what they are, keep reading!

Get Sprinklers

A healthy lawn requires regular watering, which is why getting sprinklers is one of the most recommended lawn care tips to follow. But watering your lawn every day isn’t necessary—two or three times a week should be more than enough unless you’ve planted new seeds on your lawn.

When installing your sprinklers, you want to be sure that they’ll be able to reach your entire front yard. So place it strategically in different areas of your lawn so that it all gets watered evenly. Also, schedule your sprinklers to turn on between 6-10 am to reap better results. If you need help, Heroes Lawn Care can install a smart sprinkler system specifically designed for your lawn size and needs.

Add Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn should be another task included in your lawn maintenance routine. The fertilizer you pick will depend on the type of grass you have. You’ll also need an adequate spreader, which varies depending on the size of your front yard.

Before you fertilize your lawn, you’ll have to prep your soil a few days in advance by watering it. Next, fill your spreader with a high-quality fertilizer, and once you’re set, walk along the perimeter of your lawn while using your spreader.

Train Your Pets

If you have pets roaming around your front yard often, it’d be good to train them only to use a specific area of your lawn. For example, when dogs relieve themselves, your lawn begins to develop dry, yellow patches, giving it an unhealthy look. To prevent this from happening, train your furry friend to use a designated area of your yard.

Fight and Eliminate Weeds

Weeds are grasses’ worst enemy. They compete with grass for healthy nutrients, air, water, and light. In fact, if you fertilize a lawn where weeds are present, they’ll quickly soak up all the nutrients, leaving none for the grass.

So, eliminate weeds by digging them up by their roots and tossing them out. Then, you’ll want to purchase a chemical weed killer to use on the areas of your lawn that are weed-prone.

Mow Your Lawn Weekly

There’s nothing as unappealing as a lawn with terribly long grass. If you want to keep your lawn looking fresh and neat, you’ll have to mow about one-third of it each week. However, depending on the local climate and the season that you’re in, you might have to adjust how frequently to mow.

You should also keep in mind the time you decide to mow. Experts suggest that mowing in the early evening is the best choice, as it’ll keep the grass moisturized.

Now, mowing your lawn can take up a lot of time, and it’s a crucial part of lawn maintenance. If you can’t make space in your schedule for weekly mowing, you can always hire professionals to do it for you, like the ones you’ll find at Tuxedoyardcare.com.

Maintain Your Front Lawn with These Tips!

As you’ve read, caring for your front lawn takes hard work and consistency. But, even though these tasks take time, they’re easy to do and will help you achieve that green, dreamy lawn you’ve always wanted.

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