The US timeshare industry rakes in more than $10 billion annually, making it bigger than Major League Baseball or the music industry.

Why are travelers so enamored with timeshares? Imagine having your own little spot in a destination you already love going to. It’s blocked off solely for your use for a certain amount of time each year.

No reservations. No irritating Airbnb hosts. Just a place to stay that you hand-selected in the perfect spot.

Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s what to consider if you’re renting a timeshare.

1. Know the Types of Timeshare Contracts

A timeshare explained as like buying a vacation home but only for a brief window of time each year. It gives you the benefits of having a place to stay in a location you love like Amalfi Coast Villas but without the hassles—think property taxes and maintenance—of owning a vacation home.

One of our leading timeshare tips is understanding how deeds work.

A shared deeded contract means that each timeshare owner gets a deed to that space. This contract has no expiration date.

A shared leased contract, on the other hand, does not involve a deed, as the deed remains with the owner. With this kind of contract. The date the contract expires will be part of your agreement with the owner.

2. Renting a Timeshare Off-Season

A great way to save money on a timeshare rental is to select less popular times of the year. If you go to Cape Cod in the spring or fall, it’s going to be less expensive than in the summer.

Shop around on dates to discover which are the cheapest. You’ll likely want to avoid holiday weekends, for example.

Finding a less-expensive way to travel could help you extend your trip. One timeshare resort operator reported that the length of stay at its properties increased by 10% in 2020.

3. Choose the Right Timeshare Ownership Type

If you choose a fixed week timeshare, that means you get one specific time to use the timeshare each year. For that week or two, the timeshare is yours, but this lacks flexibility.

A floating week timeshare gives you the flexibility to choose when to vacation. However, most owners have black-out dates with these arrangements, and you will be competing with others for the space.

But you could skip both of these by using a modern point system.

These programs offer an additional benefit: you can use your points for more travel in the same system, from resort stays to cruises, tours, and more. It’s how to rent a timeshare in 2022.

Want to learn how far your points can go? Check out Marriott Destinations Club Membership Levels.

Make a Timeshare Your Next Vacation

Travelers love the reliability of having a wonderful place to stay at their favorite vacation spot. That’s why renting a timeshare is becoming more popular every year.

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