Competitive shooting is a fabulous sport that’s taking the United States by storm. In fact, there are about 11,000 competitive shooting tournaments around the country each year!

Whether you’re just wanting to get into the world of competitive shooting or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll need to find the best competition pistol. That way, you’ll be prepared to take home the gold at your next pistol target shooting competition!

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide that goes over all the top competition pistols on the market. If you’re ready to get your heads on the best pistol for competition shooting, keep reading. 

The CZ 75 SP-01

First up on our list is the CZ 75 SP-01. This little pistol is perfect for self-defense or duty carry as well as for competition shooting. 

The gun has an all-steel construction that soaks up the recoil and makes it easy for you to stay on target. And, while the metal makes it a bit heavy, it also makes it extremely sturdy. 

Best of all, this is a highly reliable gun. The gun can go to as many as 50,000 rounds without suffering any major damage or requiring you to get it repaired. 

If you think this might be the gun for you, head over to this post to learn more about the specifications and what makes this such a fantastic competition pistol.

Sig Sauer P210 Target

The SS P210 is a classic pistol that’s used by law enforcement personnel as well as by competition shooters. It has fantastic accuracy and trigger control, which is what makes it so great for competitive shooting. 

You’ll also notice that the gun is pretty lightweight and has a low bore axis. Both these features make for an easy recoil, which is essential for shooting multiple rounds in a competition. 

The pull on the trigger is ultra-smooth and extra light. Plus, the grip is designed for ergonomics so that it’s comfortable and easy to use even when you’re spending the day shooting. 

Smith and Wesson Mod 41

The smith and Wessen Mod 41 is one of its brand’s most popular models. That’s thanks to its reliability and its beautiful design. 

This gun is a 22 caliber pistol that works the same way as a handgun. It’s pretty instinctive to use and has an ergonomic grip, making it one of the most comfortable competition pistols on the market. 

The best feature of the Smith and Wesson Mod 41 is that it’s extremely accurate. The trigger stop can be adjusted so that you can customize the gun to make it easier for you to hit the target every time. 

Buy the Best Competition Pistols

With this guide to the top competition pistols, you’ll have no problem choosing a great one. Each of these pistols is well-equipped to help you hit the target and take home the grand prize.

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