We are blessed with thousands of elements from nature. One of such blessings is the water. However, water is a blessing only when it is safe to drink. Otherwise, it can be as deadly as poison.  We need pure water instead of just water. So, before drinking the water we have, we must make it pure and germ-free. Only a high-quality water filter can do it perfectly. As we are living in an era where there is no shortage of sources that can contaminate the water, we need to be choosy when it comes to buying water filters. You have to keep certain things in mind while buying a water filter. In my article today, I am going to explain how to choose the best home water filter. Let’s begin.

Water Quality

The first thing you need to do before buying a water filter is to check the quality of your water. You need to identify what kind of contaminants your home water has. Once you become 100% sure what you have to remove from water, then you are good to go. According to the water contaminants, there are specific types of water filters.

Water Pressure

The flow of water figures out which filter you ought to buy. A reverse osmosis filter would work appropriately with high water pressure. Water pressure is subject to the height of your structure and different elements like obstructed lines and stopped up filters.

Daily Usage

How much water you will need per day is a big question when it comes to buying a good water filter. High performing water filters can purify water hundreds of liters per day. However, they cost more as well. So, you should know how much water you need to filter per day so that you can decide which one you will buy.

Your Budget

Well, that’s an important point. You have to fix a good amount of value to buy the best water filter for your home. It generally costs 200 dollars to 500 dollars per home water filter. So, keep that in mind. Because money is a major issue.

Power Consumption

The best water filter consumes less amount of electricity. Look for something that will not increase your electricity bills. Once you buy then you cannot rectify this. So, judge the whole matter beforehand. The power consumption of your water purifier is a deciding factor.

Maintenance Cost

There are some water filters that are low priced but you have to spend a lot of bucks on the maintenance. Consider the maintenance cost deeply. When you go for buying an RO water filter you have to analyze the cost of maintenance. Another thing is your budget. You have to match the water filter maintenance cost with the budget you have.

Types of Filter You Can Choose

There are different kinds of filters that you can choose from. Your purpose, need, and budget will determine which one would you need. Here are some examples of water filters you can buy.

Pitcher filter:

Well, it has a notoriety of providing poor service as far as water filtration is concerned. It just cleans chlorine and the water sits on the plastic jar for a long time which causes other problems.

Faucet-mount filter:

Faucet mount filters work well to remove different kinds of contaminants. If you consider durability and, maintenance cost, you will find better filters than this.

Countertop Water Filter:

This is a convenient type of filter. Because you don’t need any plumber to install this. It does not take much space. You can just hook it up. This type of filter can serve you in a time of emergency. It filters water in an emergency.

Undersink filter:

The best benefit of this type of filter is that you don’t need to refill. It can be the best option when you don’t find a countertop water filter.

Reverse osmosis:

This the latest technology in water purification. Reverse Osmosis technology helps the water filter to clean the maximum contaminants from the water. Though expensive, you can get the best service as well. They are electricity run machine that will stop working if there is no electricity.

Shower Filter:

Well, we do not think of buying this kind of filter. However, the doctors and scientists say that our shower water also contains things that can harm us. So, you can buy a shower filter as well. Consider the things mentioned above about buying the best one.

Final Verdict

A water filter is a vital component of a modern home. To make your life secure you have to buy the best water filter. In doing so, you cannot rush. Consider the basic needs and the budget. Then buy the best available water filter in the market. If you ask any suggestion I would say that buy the one with reverse osmosis technology. That is the latest technology in this field. Best of luck.