Many Australian businesses are realising the many benefits that a mobile app can bring to the table; so much so that app development is the fastest-growing sector in tech. If you are already convinced your business needs its own mobile app, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when you do down the path to app development and implementation.

  1. Failure to fully identify your needs – Perhaps the most common error, if you don’t sit down and brainstorm how the app can assist your business, how can you expect to maximise the potential of this powerful platform? When you approach a leading app developer with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, one of the first things they do is a needs assessment, which outlines the features and applications that should be included in the project. Once all your needs are logged, it doesn’t mean they will all be incorporated into Version 1.0; you can plan an expansion according to a timeline.
  2. Coding for a single platform – Sure, you could ask a developer to build an Android platform, which excludes Mac users! Engage with a leading Flutter developer and your app will work across multiple platforms. Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google to integrate multiple platforms; coding is automatically converted for a range of platforms, which gives you seamless connectivity. Flutter is hands-down the winner when it comes to multi-platform applications and a web search can help you contact a top developer to explore further.
  3. Underestimating final costs – The responsibility sits squarely on the developer’s shoulders to make sure the client knows the final cost of the project; some are more transparent than others, read the online testimonials from clients and be specific when communicating with the development team. The quote should be clear and concise, with payment details and all-inclusive prices, while post-launch support might be available at extra cost; most developers bundle this into the package.
  4. Poor UI design – Ever used an app and wondered who designed it? We have, many times; when you are at the storyboard stage of the build, this is the time to make sure the UI is well-designed, aesthetically and functionally. A team of top-rated Flutter developers would never allow a sub-standard app to go out and they can turn your vision into digital reality. This is one reason why developers spend so much time making sure the clients can visualise the end product. While on the topic of design, check out the amazing info about spider webs and how they are scientific.
  5. Adding too many features at the outset – When you learn more about the many features, you might be tempted to have them all in the start version, which isn’t such a good idea; start with core functions and you can gradually add to the framework, which is the structured way to develop the platform.

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