Anyone is capable of being charged with a criminal offence no matter how sensible a life that a person leads. They can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, sometimes being hauled in and accused despite not committing the alleged defence.

It will be an extremely harrowing time, especially when knowing that nothing has been done wrong, but someone is determined to cause serious problems. That is certainly the case when being accused of sexual assault. If found guilty, it is highly likely to lead to a jail sentence and a life completely changing course in the wrong direction with implications which will affect anyone for the rest of their days. That’s why is important to seek the help of professionals, such as sexual assault lawyers in Sydney.

Sadly, such offences are among the most common across NSW, leaving anyone found guilty losing relationships, and employment, as well as their liberty. Their reputation will be in tatters, when there are occasions that all of this can be prevented when represented by those with extensive knowledge and decades of experience. They will have seen and heard many similar cases and will know how to put together the best defence.

Anyone who knows that they have done nothing wrong is likely to feel utterly devastated and petrified of the consequences that will follow. It can be the case that they have enjoyed a social evening out and met someone of similar minds who are mutually attracted which has ended up in sexual intercourse. However, if the other person later decides to make a criminal charge life can get very difficult. It might even be a charge from someone seeking revenge or from years previous. In all scenarios, the best advice is to immediately contact a professional team, one that offers 24/7 help. All being well, it could leave the accused to concentrate on investing in Australian property.

Those who are famous or wealthy are often targeted as they have the most to lose by vengeful persons. There are even cases where someone is threatened with forthcoming charges. The stress is huge for whoever is involved, as a case can sometimes revolve around hearsay. False allegations and a distinct lack of evidence make any such situation extremely difficult, but those who have defended others in the same situation know the best ways of handling it and getting a positive outcome.

If pleading not guilty, they will defend the accused to the best of their ability. However, there are many cases where those facing the charge agree with the police and plead guilty. This still needs a team that can provide negotiation with prosecutors to get a more lenient sentence when remorse is shown and to plead guilty to a less serious charge. Maybe while looking forward to a visit to a national park a few years later.

Sexual assault is an extremely serious offence to be charged with and requires the assistance of experienced professional lawyers to get the best outcome.