Everyone looks for distinctive and unique ways to engage with their audience on social media accounts, and stories are one of the ways to maintain a good relationship with your followers. Stories give you the freedom to share the little moments of your life with your followers. Adding music to your stories can be appealing enough to grab your followers’ attention. Like other social media platforms, Facebook has also introduced the music feature for its users, allowing them to interact much better and keep their followers contended with their taste in music. If you face any trouble with the music feature, you are at the perfect place because I will share the whole procedure step-wise. Let’s get straight to it. 

Step 1.

Download the Facebook app on your IOS or Android phones. 

Step 2.

Go to the “Create Story” option on the left side of your news feed. 

Step 3.

Click the Music option on the top of the screen. 

Step 4.

Scroll through the library and choose your favorite song. Otherwise, you can also pick a tune from the featured songs or utilize the search bar to search for a specific melody. 

Step 5.

Add the selected song to your Facebook story by tapping on it, which will instantly appear on your screen. 

Step 6.

Now automatically, your gallery images will emerge on your phone screen to let you choose your photo or video. If you want to keep your story simple by not attaching any pictures or videos, you can merely drag down the camera roll option. 

Step 7.

The chosen track will appear on the screen with the particular image or video you have decided to share. Also, you can vary the song duration by clicking on the little icon of scissors on the top of the screen to trim the video. After amending the video, attach it with your favorite lyrics. Facebook does not accept a story of more than 30 seconds.

Step 8.

If you feel like changing or deleting the song, you can simply drag it down, and suddenly the waste bin icon will pop up.

Step 9.

Once you finalize the music, you can look into the effects or add stickers to further modify your story.

Step 10.

Now click on the “Share your story”, and you are pretty much good to go.

As long as you follow the given steps accurately, you can create fascinating content for your audience, which will make them stay on your profile page for a longer period. This way you can create relatable content for your viewers by matching the song with the video. You can also feasibly add your favorite songs to the “saved” list, which will save your time from wasting in searching the songs. Now, whenever your followers will open your story, they will be able to know what song you are listening to. Find someone on Facebook with phone number