One of the most extensively used social networking platform “Instagram”, a way similar to Facebook but has a little bit more attraction towards social media activists. However, along with its extensive number of users, a few have some serious privacy issues with the application.

Privacy is one of the leading factors and a crucial point for those using social media apps. The most important and the most frequently asked question regarding the Instagram privacy policy is How to hide who you follow on Instagram.

Well, the question has two sides.

·         How to hide your following list from the person who is not one of your followers.

·         How to hide your following list from the person who him/herself is your own follower.

The first one comprises a quite simple process and one can easily hide the following list from anyone who is not among his/her followers. This can be done by setting the profile privacy to private.

The process includes the following steps.

1.       In the Instagram app, open the settings option from the menu.

2.       Click on the option “Privacy”

3.       On scrolling down the “Connections” section, you will find an option, “Account Privacy”

4.       Open the page by clicking on it

5.       Once the page gets loaded, all you need to do is simply click the option “Private Account”

6.       Your Instagram profile will be set to private.

Following the above procedure, none of the people who are not on your follow list can see or check who you follow.

How to hide someone who is currently following you from seeing your following list

Now, this can be a little bit sad as Instagram has no such policy to hide your following list from someone who is following you or is on your followers’ list. On setting the account to private, you control who can follow you and who cannot. So once you allow someone to follow you is actually like you are providing that person the access to see your following and followers list.

So it left you with only a single option and that is to remove that particular person from your follower list. Setting your account to private and removing the particular person from your followers whom you do not want to see your following list is the only way that can help you.

To do this you need to go to your follower’s list by clicking the “Followers” underneath your profile. Search that particular person whom you want to prevent from seeing your following and simply click the “Remove” button beside their profile name.

The person will be removed from your follower list and will no more be able to see your following list. Although this option cannot be a suitable one for many people as can result in some disputes or drama in particular conditions. So, it is a good way to make a positive negotiation with that particular person and tell him/her that it is no big deal to follow someone on Instagram.

So simply go for the option that suits you the best.