Recent statistics reveal that approximately 65% of all e-commerce sessions come from search engine traffic. 33% of this traffic is from organic search traffic, and 32% is from paid search campaigns.

Every successful website knows the importance of SEO. That is because you cannot have a successful website unless customers can find it.

Are you new to understanding the world of search engine optimization and its value? Keep reading, and this will get you up to speed!

Types of SEO

Before you can truly understand the importance of SEO, first you must know the three types of SEO. These include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

On-page SEO is anything on the pages of your small business website. This includes content like blogs, web copy, and product copy.

Off-page SEO is anything that occurs away from your small business website. While it may not be on your website, it helps your SEO strategy. This includes strategies like backlinks.

Last, there is technical SEO. This happens when you take actions to improve Search Rankings.

Benefits of SEO

To begin, a small business website can boost its credibility when it can boost its rankings on search engines. That is because search engines, including Google, give preference to websites that are trustworthy and have high-quality content. Expertise and trust equal credibility.

Part of providing high-quality content is providing information that is valuable, but you also need an appropriate word count. Longer articles should be 2,000 words. If you are unsure which pages on your website need a higher word count, we recommend you try this web page word counter.

Therefore, it is important that you have SEO services to help you increase your website’s speed, add content, and research keywords to use in your content.

It Gives Your Small Business Website a Competitive Advantage

Chances are high that your competitors are making investments in their SEO. Hence, you should too. When you can outrank the competition on search engine results, you can get a leg up on market share.

Recent statistics suggest that 60% of search engine users click on one of the three top results they see. It makes sense that you want a user to see your website before a list of your competitors on search results.

For this reason, analyze the websites of your competitors. What are their strengths? How about their weaknesses?

Once you establish what you can do better than your competitors and ensure the best user experience possible, it’s also crucial to conduct an eCommerce SEO audit to optimize your small business website for search engines and improve its visibility to potential customers.

The Importance of SEO

For a successful website, never underestimate the importance of SEO. Get to know the types of SEO, and this will help make a sound SEO strategy.

Then, remember what the top benefits are. You are looking to boost credibility, outperform the competition, increase site speed, beef up your content and keywords, be mobile-friendly, and create a superior user experience.

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