When it’s time to move, many people get overwhelmed with all of the moving details. Some prefer to hire movers, pack up their existing homes and get a mortgage. They made all the arrangements before selling the house.

Other people prefer to do it themselves. They pack everything up and sell their home in the process. To ensure that you avoid common errors in selling a house, you need to know the major mistakes to avoid.

We’ve outlined the 6 common errors in selling a house and how to avoid them.  

1. Pricing It Wrong

Pricing one’s home incorrectly can be a major misstep when selling a house. If the house is coveted in the eyes of potential house buyers, an asking price that is too high can deter offers. 

If the price is too low, the seller runs the risk of leaving money on the table. To combat this, sellers should carefully evaluate recent market trends to ascertain the fair house price for similar local properties. 

2. Hiding Major Repairs

Some of the most common errors when selling a house often revolve around failing to make essential repairs and disclosures. It is important to fix any major issues with a house before listing it for sale.

This means addressing the roof, the plumbing, the electrical, and any other problems that could significantly impact the future owner. Make sure all significant repairs are taken care of.

3. Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Without a real estate agent to help price the property, no matter it’s condition, homeowners may set the price too high, missing out on potential buyers. Without an experienced real estate agent, the home may not get enough exposure to gain qualified buyers.

4. Using Bad Listing Photos

In today’s market, online listings are the first impression of a home buyer, and bad pictures can be a strong turn-off. Poor lighting, messy backgrounds, improper staging, and low-quality photos can all be big blunders. 

The absolute best way to avoid these errors is to hire a professional photographer.  Investing in a reputable professional photographer can get you pictures that can boost the appearance of your property.

5. Not Carrying Proper Insurance

If a home is not properly insured, it can lead to costly financial issues down the road for the buyer if, for instance, an unexpected event, such as flooding or wind damage, occurs.

Homeowners must be sure that their homeowner’s insurance, which includes coverage for liability, is up to date, and up to the standards that a new buyer expects. The best way to avoid this error is to work with a qualified and experienced insurance professional.

6. Not Knowing the Regulations for Closing the Sale

One of the most common errors is not knowing the regulations for closing the sale. Being unaware of these regulations can have serious repercussions and cost a lot of money and time.

Before even deciding to list the home, the seller must understand the closing process and the legalities involved in a transfer of ownership. They must be aware of any local or state regulations that pertain to the sale.

Have a Good Sale by Avoiding These Errors in Selling a House

Overall, selling a house is not all that difficult, but can be. Avoiding these errors in selling a house can save you from a potential financial loss or a missed opportunity to sell for top dollar. If you want to have a successful sale, consider reaching out to a real estate agent who can help guide you through the process.

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