The difficulty and complexity of operational processes found in almost every company can keep employees away from the actual work that needs to be done. What you need to do to prevent this situation as much as possible is in the continuation of our article!

Be it your insurance company or a tourism agency. Regardless of the sector you are in, the operational work and management plan must be well-organized in order for your company to progress on time and comfortably. Because operational works include all of the logistics and financial parts that cover the time from the production of your product or service until it meets your customers. You can take various measures to overcome the various problems encountered in these sections and not to skip issues such as sales and marketing while dealing with these problems. 

Benefit from Sales Acceleration Technologies

As we all know, the common and most basic aim of companies in the market is to increase their business efficiency and increase their sales.Like the growing final expense leads companies in USA. You can use sales acceleration technologies if you are in search of a solution in situations where you feel that business productivity in your company has decreased and you are moving away from your sales target. Sales acceleration technologies will not only help you in many matters, but also allow you to make an investment that will be very useful for your company in the long run. In addition, these technologies not only increase sales, but also help you use your time effectively. We can explain how you can make this process faster and more effective with the correct use of customer relationship management tools. These systems, which are referred to as CRM software, have sufficient information about your customer

Review Time-consuming Jobs in Your Company

In every company, there are some jobs that take the time of the employees too much. It is also of great importance for the future of your company that you review the operational work in which employees spend the time they need to take care of their main work and provide digital solutions on these issues. For example; Let’s say you are a manager of an insurance company and you have company tools for your employees to use. Your employees have to travel frequently with these vehicles and operational tasks such as tracking of these vehicles, fuel expenditures and invoicing take too much time than necessary. 

If you want to find a practical solution to this situation, you can take advantage of the operational facilities offered by the help for sales Pass product. Thanks to help for sales Fuel Pass, your company does not have to deal with time-consuming processes such as collecting invoices or filling out expense documents, as well as buying fuel with advantageous purchasing conditions. In addition, thanks to the limit you set for Sodexo Fuel Pass and invoices sent to your company twice a month, you can easily track your fuel expenditures without additional workload and think more about your sales targets. 

You also now have the Sodexo customers, 20,000 customers throughout Turkey and take your place among the one million card holders Sodexo’l! While you enjoy 100% tax advantage and accounting conveniences, let your employees enjoy the privilege of earning as much as they spend!

Take Care of Your Needs in the Most Practical Way

How do you meet the lunch needs in your workplace? Does the way you deal with the lunch issue overwhelm you administratively and operationally? If you think that these processes in your company create additional workload and that you spend the time you need to devote to sales and marketing techniques, you can overcome this problem with Sodexo Restaurant Pass meal card and checks. If you are tired of processes such as collecting chips and the administrative difficulties of the cafeteria, if you take care of the food need in your workplace with the Sodexo Restaurant Pass meal card, they will meet their lunch needs by eating the food they want at the restaurant they want. You will not only be dealing with tasks that require additional time such as dining hall management or collecting chips, but also take care of your own lunch needs both economically and practically.  With Sodexo, which allows you to account for the meal expenses of all your employees with a single invoice, many operational transactions in your business become easier. Thanks to Sodexo Online Operation Center, you can easily perform transactions such as meal card orders, invoices, up-to-date user lists and reporting. With Sodexo Restaurant Pass, which eases the workload of your employees and offers them the freedom to choose the food and restaurant they want, your company also gets the chance to benefit from 100% tax advantage. You can get help from our calculation sheet to see your tax advantage in more detail!