Finally, you are hosting your dream beach wedding ergo you should make everything perfect to ensure the guests are having a great time. Normally everyone will focus on the venue, food, and booking hotels for guests. Apart from this, there are numerous small things you have to take off because ignoring them can cause discomfort to your guests. One of the things is you should have bulk stock of flip flops for your guests. Yes, you heard it. You may wonder why, well beaches are not ideal places to wear fancy slippers and shoes and you cannot ask a guest to bring a pair of flip flops with them while attending your wedding. So if you have stock for each one of them, you’ll be saving a lot of inconvenience and your guests can roam the beach freely, most importantly, they’ll be happy to be there. Now the big question – how to buy bulk flip flops? You can’t just go and pick a hundred pairs of slippers.


Size can be a troublesome factor when shopping for bulk flip flops. Because if you’re buying one slipper, all you need to know is only your size. But when you make a purchase for nearly a hundred people, it’s a different circumstance. So what can you do? There are multiple options for you – ask your guests’ foot size and take a note of it. Then you can give the sizes to your flip flop supplier and place an order. Otherwise, you can guess the sizes or choose a moderate-size flip-flop that goes for everyone. Remember, do not order these flip flops based on gender, ordering unisex slippers is the right way to buy in bulk for this type of occasion.


It’s the most crucial thing on the list. At normal weddings, you won’t buy flip flops or slippers for the guests. Hence this becomes a debate topic in beach weddings. Try to check with different suppliers and compare their price ranges. Remember don’t go for the first one you enquire immediately without discussing it with a few more people. Once you get an idea about the price range, you can choose the one supplier that comes under your budget. Another clever tip is that beach weddings are commonly held during summer and flip flops are also for this season. So the prices will be very low in winter, you should take advantage of this. And when you buy in bulk you’ll be rewarded with great discounts if not ask for them.

Some may feel this is unnecessary to buy these many flip-flops. But it’s a great gesture to welcome your guests and ensure their good time. They can take the slippers with them after the wedding. This way, your guests will remember your wedding in a good way instead of struggling with their shoes on the beach sand. So when you plan a beach wedding, remember to buy bulk flip flops and host a flawless event.