Did you know that 147 million people worldwide use cannabis annually?

All over the country, states are legalizing Marijuana for medicinal, recreational, and practical uses.

When finding a strain that’s perfect for you, you should do your research. If you are new to smoking cannabis, you may wonder what the different strains are and what they can do.

Read on to learn about all of the different types of marijuana strains. Let’s get started!

Sativas: The High-Climbing Variety

Sativas are a type of marijuana strain known for providing uplifting, energetic effects. They tend to produce a more cerebral high, Like stimulating creativity and boosting mood.

Sativas can be particularly helpful in treating depression, fatigue, and even loss of appetite. Characteristically, they have more prominent, lighter buds that are more likely to be airy and wispy.

Moreover, Sativas also tend to have a more intense, sweet aroma. Stemming from their tropical origin, they favor longer growing seasons and higher temperatures.

Due to their higher yields, Sativas are the most popular marijuana strains on the market. 

Indicas: Heavy and Relaxing Impact

Indica strains tend to give users more body-centered effects. It primarily focused on relaxation and relief from pain.

Indicas are also famous for those looking to reduce anxiety and stress or ease chronic pain. Indica strains are also beneficial for those seeking sedatives or vital sleep aids. It is helpful for patients who have insomnia and other sleeping disorders. 

This strain stimulates sleep onset quicker and increases its duration. These heavy strains will provide a peaceful night’s rest.

Hybrids: Combining the Best of Sativa and Indica

Hybrids are strains that combine the properties of Sativa and Indica, creating a unique and varied experience. For the user, hybrid strains offer versatility.

Hybrids can provide users with the best of both worlds when grown properly. Whatever flavor, aroma, or effect is desired, there will likely be a hybrid strain that meets the mark.

Ruderalis: Cannabis that Grows Anywhere

This strain has a low THC level, making it attractive for medicinal marijuana users. Ruderalis cannabis is highly resilient and, therefore, able to thrive in various climate and environmental conditions.

As the Ruderalis cannabis plant grows anywhere, it can be easily accessed by recreational and medicinal users alike. The low levels of THC also make it ideal for individuals who would like to experiment with cannabis without getting too high. 

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These Are the Types of Marijuana Strains

There are different types of marijuana strains to choose from, each with unique medicinal benefits. With so many options available, it is essential to research and chooses the best strain that suits your individual needs.

For those that need assistance, professional cannabis consultants can help you assess the right strain for you. Start your journey today and explore the potential health benefits of Marijuana!

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