The CBD industry is slated to be worth more than $28 billion in the next few years. One of the reasons it’s so popular is product diversity. THC isolate and distillate are two such products that represent this diversity.

But what are THC isolate and THC distillate products? When it comes to THC isolate vs distillate, which one is better?

Read on to find out more about THC isolate vs distillate and how they compare with one another.

What Is THC Isolate?

THC isolate refers to a CBD product that doesn’t contain any other compounds like lipids or fats. In other words, it’s the purest form of CBD out there.

Isolate is a term that specifies how there’s only one main component to a certain product. THC isolate generally comes in powder form. Isolate powder is therefore considered to be about 99% pure.

What Is THC Distillate?

THC distillate is a refined THC extract that’s gone through a distillation process. This is when you purify liquids through evaporation and condensation. Most distillates are in viscous oil form.

Something that’s interesting about THC distillate is that it’s actually an intermediate step when making THC isolate. Let’s explore a bit of what that means in the next section.

Making Isolate from Distillate

When a distillate like BSD is purified, it undergoes a process called recrystallization. This is a technique used to purify chemicals and is done by adding a solvent to a solution.

This basically allows the CBD molecules to reassemble and separate from the rest of the overall mixture. At this point, the isolate has been made and needs to be tested for CBD composition.

So Which Is Better?

When comparing THC isolate vs distillate, a lot of it depends on what you’re using it for or what you’re looking for in a product. For example, those treating their chronic pain or anxiety with CBD products might enjoy isolates.

This is because an isolate only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids. Some people are sensitive to THC or can’t consume them due to work or other reasons. In that case, isolate might work better.

Those who are impartial to THC and don’t mind consuming it should look at distillates. Since it contains other cannabinoids and compounds, it amplifies some of the effects.

Isolate is perfect for this, especially for those suffering from anxiety or other health-related issues.

Those who are new to cannabinoids might also benefit from CBD isolate since it’s a good starting point for these products. It helps you branch out to other CBD or THC products

THC Isolate vs Distillate: Understanding Their Strengths

When looking at THC isolate vs distillate, it’s important to know each of their strengths and weaknesses. Use this guide to help you understand the strength of both isolate and distillate to make the best choice for you.

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