Many people love visiting the hair salon because they enjoy more volume and better results than they get at home. In fact, people spend more than $50 billion on hair salons every year in the United States alone. But what if you could get more volume at home without needing to visit a hair salon?

Many people have already tried to increase hair volume using a few different techniques. At the same time, most people do not realize what a wide variety of options they have at their disposal. We can almost guarantee that you have not tried all of the ideas we will discuss in this article.

So what can you do to help take your hair volume to the next level without having to go to the salon? Read on to learn all about the top strategies you can try to enjoy greater volume in your hair!

1. Avoid Damaging Your Hair Volume and Thickness

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I increase hair volume?” Sometimes, the answer is more about prevention event cure. Many people try to achieve greater hair volume while also doing things that damage their hair and decrease its volume and thickness.

In fact, some people benefit more from removing certain parts of their hair care routine than by adding in new ones.

So what might you be doing that could be damaging your hair volume?

First, you should be careful about dying your hair or giving it a perm. These kinds of treatments can put a lot of stress on your hair.

On top of that, you should avoid brushing your hair too hard or tying it up too tightly. Putting a constant pull on your hair can cause it to fall out faster.

You might also benefit from trying to decrease stress in your life and making sure to get enough sleep at night. Cultivating good health can turn into luscious locks of voluminous hair.

2. Try Supplements for Hair Volume

You might also be able to improve your hair volume by improving your nutrition. Nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D can contribute to full hair growth. The same goes for iron, biotin, and niacin.

You can also try other supplements like fenugreek or triphala. Different people get different results while using these supplements. However, it is always worth checking if they can provide results for you.

3. Increase Natural Hair Volume With a Scalp Massage

Your hair will be naturally thicker when it has plenty of access to blood to nourish it. Because our scalps are the highest part of our body, gravity tends to pull blood away from them. However, you can help restore some blood flow to your scalp by giving yourself a massage.

As you do this, start at the roots and massage gently up and down your whole head of hair. It can help to use some oil so that your fingers slide smoothly across your hair. It can even help to leave the oil in afterward to provide your scalp with a nourishing and moisturized environment.

4. Enjoy Greater Volume With Essential Oils

In fact, you might want to add essential oils to your hair whether or not you massage it. Essential oils like rosemary and lavender can stimulate your hair follicles. That can strengthen the hair that you already have.

However, make sure to mix these essential oils with a carrier oil like castor oil before applying them to your body.

5. Experiment With Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioners

Some people try out one or two volumizing shampoos or conditioners before giving up on them. However, you might want to keep experimenting with a wider variety of products. Just because some have not provided you with the results you are looking for it does not mean that they will all fail to do so.

6. Try Out Volumizing Styling Products

There are many volumizing products you can use to give your volume a quick boost. Consider using a texturizing or volumizing spray on your hair. You can also check out this Voloom hair tool review to learn about how to use iron tools to add layers and layers of volume to your hair.

7. Learn How to Increase Hair Volume With a Brush

The right brush can also help you enjoy an instant improvement in hair volume. In some cases, it can even help to brush against the natural grain of your hair. This can cause the hair strands to bunch up a bit and stack on top of each other more to provide more volume.

8. Get a Volumizing Haircut

Certain types of haircuts contribute to volume more than others. In general, the longer your hair is, the more the weight of it will pull your haircut down. On the other hand, a shorter haircut will tend to be bouncier and easier to craft into the appearance of volume.

Consider speaking with your stylist about what kind of haircut might work best for increasing your hair volume. If you want to avoid visiting the salon too much, you can also ask for a haircut that improves volume without requiring frequent visits to the salon.

Follow the Best Tips to Increase Hair Volume

If you have ever given up on increasing your hair volume, it is worth trying out these tips. Most people only try one or a few different ways to increase hair volume before giving up. Learning more about the wide variety of options that can increase your hair volume can provide a lot of hope.

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