If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, you should consider filing a personal injury case. Filing a case will allow you to recover your damages and move on with your life. This is even if the process is often difficult.

However, knowing the specifics of personal injury cases can be confusing. An important part of such cases is knowing the personal injury settlement amounts. This is what you will receive after suing the responsible party or individual.

This information gives you a clearer picture of what will happen during the legal process. Read more information about personal injury settlement amounts and why they’re important.

The Average Payout of a Personal Injury Claim

Generally, compensation for an injury is based on a formula that looks at the timing of the injury, the recovery process, future income losses, and other expenses. The average settlement can range anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000.

The compensation must also include expenses such as:

  • medical bills
  • property damage
  • court costs

It is also important to contact a personal injury lawyer to understand the full scope of how much your claim may be worth. By having a knowledgeable, professional review your case, you are taking the steps necessary to ensure you recover the maximum compensation for your injury.

Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Vary

When it comes to personal injury settlement amounts, there is no set amount. Every case is different, and the settlement amount or compensation awarded depends on individual circumstances. This includes the financial impact of the injuries and the severity of the injury.

Factors may also be taken into consideration, such as:

  • recovery time
  • medical costs
  • lost wages
  • pain
  • suffering
  • emotional distress

All these will also be depending upon the specifics of the personal injury lawsuit. Ultimately, the settlement amount depends upon the extent of the injury and damages caused by the negligence of the responsible party. Legal counsel can help accurately assess the potential car accident settlement amount, though this is also subject to negotiation.

Understanding How Insurance Companies Calculate Payouts

When an accident occurs, insurance companies calculate payouts to the injured party based on the severity of the injury or damages suffered. They’ll review the following:

  • police report
  • accident scene photos
  • witness testimonies
  • medical documents
  • other relevant information

Insurance companies also will base their calculations on a percentage of the total amount covered under the policy. Personal injury claims are typically covered under a bodily injury liability clause within the policy. Property damage claims usually receive coverage through the comprehensive or collision coverage clause.

The medical costs, the lost wages, and the pain and suffering are estimated by consulting medical professionals or outside specialists. The insurance company can then issue the payout. This is after both parties agree.

Know How Much Personal Injury Settlement You Should Expect

It is important to have realistic expectations when filing a personal injury settlement. Seek justice, but also be reasonable about the money you are expecting.

Take all of the above information into consideration and, if you need help navigating the process, speak with a lawyer. They can help you obtain the best settlement for your case.

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