The work permit Singapore scheme is for those foreigners who are semi-skilled or unskilled workers. Its validity usually lasts up to two years and is subjected to the validity period of certain documents. It can be tied to the validity of the S Pass Singapore applicant’s passport or their employment period. There are also cases that its validity is tied to the security bond validity.

No matter how long the work permit Singapore validity period, it is important that one must abode by the terms and conditions of the pass. In fact, there are restrictions that work permit holders must follow. Even S Pass Singapore holders have to follow through with these restrictions. In this article, we will tackle the 5 work permit Singapore restrictions.

1 – Work only on what was indicated in the permit

When you apply for a work visa in Singapore, you will have to indicate the type of work that you will be doing. This is the scenario if you will apply for a work permit Singapore visa. It is important that whatever job is indicated in the permit, that will be the only work that you will do in Singapore. If your pass says that your job is a construction worker, you can’t be taking part-time jobs as a waiter of a restaurant. Thus, to avoid problems with the Ministry of Manpower, the S Pass Singapore worker should not do other types of work.

2 – Not do business in Singapore

Since a work permit Singapore holder must only work in the type of job that was indicated, they cannot do other types of work. This most especially includes doing business in Singapore. The incorporation process of businesses in Singapore is relatively simple. As a result, it is easy for anyone to start a business in Singapore including foreigners.

However, if you are an S Pass Singapore employee, you shouldn’t engage in any form of entrepreneurial activities. If you wish to do so, you should apply for the Entrepreneur Pass and meet its eligibility criteria.

3 – Reside only where the employer indicated

As a work permit Singapore holder, the employer is responsible for your housing in Singapore. Unlike the S Pass Singapore scheme, you are not permitted to rent or buy a property in Singapore. Thus, it is important to live only at the residential address that your employer has assigned to you. This should be done once the employment period has begun.  Only the employer can decide if you need to be relocated. Thus, he or she will inform you if there will be a change in the housing.

4 – Not marry a Singapore citizen or permanent resident

If you are a work permit Singapore holder, you are not allowed to marry any Singaporean citizen or Singapore permanent resident. If you have to, it is important that your employer is informed of this. This is so they can inform the Ministry of Manpower about your civil status change.

No work visa holder including those with an S Pass Singapore visa can get married without the approval of the Ministry of Manpower. This restriction still applies even if the work permit is no longer valid. Whether your work visa is revoked, canceled, or expired, you still need to ask permission from the Ministry of Manpower regarding this issue.

5 – Not get pregnant or deliver a child in Singapore

Aside from getting married to a Singaporean citizen, a work permit Singapore holder should not get pregnant or deliver a child in Singapore. These things will also require the approval of the Ministry of Manpower. However, if the S Pass Singapore holder is already married to a Singaporean citizen, there is no need to ask for permission. The scenario is the same if the work visa holder is married to a Singapore permanent resident. Same with marriage, this still applies even if the work permit is no longer valid.

Learn more about the work visa restrictions

Maintaining a work visa is as difficult as applying for it. Thus, it is important that before you begin the work permit Singapore application process, you do your research in advance. This is so you will be aware of what you need to do and shouldn’t do. This is so you will be able to evaluate carefully if you really want to be a work permit Singapore holder. If you need expert advice regarding work passes in Singapore, get in touch with Ren Ai Group. They assist companies and foreigners in obtaining work visas including the S Pass Singapore visa. Head to their website today to know more.