While some may escape with minor injuries, some accident victims may get severely injured or have arm or leg amputations or decapitations.

Missouri is an at-fault state. Therefore, you can file for a personal injury claim if the other party is at fault. To file a claim, you need to contact the best Missouri car accident attorneys and ask them a few questions before deciding.

Here are the five questions people ask when hiring a car accident attorney.

1. What Is Your Legal Specialty?

While there will be many attorneys competent enough to handle your case, you need to look for a lawyer specializing in the car accident injury claim. Car accident laws are complex, and it is not easy to get a favorable decision in a personal injury case. In addition, a lawyer who specializes in car accidents will know the supporting evidence required to prove your claims.

2. Who Will Be Working On Your Case?

Most lawyers don’t work alone. They have a team of junior lawyers and paralegal staff to assist them. During the initial discussion of your case, you need to ask who will be representing you in the court.

While junior lawyers are well-qualified and competent to represent you in the court, it is always good to know who will be working on the case and representing you.

3. Do You Think the Car Accident Claim Is a Strong One?

As per 2020 car crashes data, Missouri recorded 131390 crashes, and 987 people lost their lives in these accidents.

After studying the circumstances of the accident, talking to witnesses, and analyzing the available evidence, the lawyer should be able to tell you whether you have a strong case and you can demand higher compensation than what is offered by the defendant’s insurance company.

If your case is not strong, the attorney should tell you upfront and help you get a better settlement amount.

4. How Will You Charge the Car Accident Claim?

Some lawyers charge by an hour, and the lawyer fees can be anything between $200 to $1000 per hour. Smaller law firms charge less.

When you hire the lawyer on a contingency fee model, the contract will mention the percentage of the settlement amount that the lawyer will take as fees. For example, the lawyer might take 1/4, 1/3, or ½ of the settlement amount.

5. What Fees and Costs to Pay?

Even if you opt for a contingency fee model, you could be responsible for the court fees or costs related to collecting evidence for the case. Therefore, you need to ask the lawyer what fees and costs you have to pay besides the contingency fees.

These are the five most asked questions when hiring a car accident attorney in Missouri. These questions will clear most of your doubts about the process and the costs involved and help you make an informed decision.