Statues can look amazing in your home. If you want to up the curb appeal of your home or add a homely touch, these little pieces of art can do just that.

However, not all statues are created equally, and if you are looking to purchase statues for your home, there are some things you should keep in mind.

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Statues for Home Decor: What to Consider

You need to consider a few things when decorating your home with statues. First, decide on the size of the statue. You want it to fit in with the other decor in your home, so it should be in scale with the surrounding items.

Then assess the material and color to fit the overall theme of your home. You want it to be durable, weather resistant, and complementary to the other decorations.

Types of Home Statues: Their Significance & Symbols

There are many different types of home statues with various levels of symbolism. Here are some:

Statues of Buddha

Represent peace, strength, and faith and are often placed where they can be seen from all sides. Hindu statues, such as those of Ganesh or Lakshmi, invoke the blessings of both gods.

Statues of Animals

Home statues come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. From classic marble statues to modern contemporary pieces, there are many different types, such as elephants, lions, horses, and eagle statue. They are believed to bring good luck in different aspects of life and protect the family.

Statues of the Virgin Mary

Other Christian figures can also be seen as a symbol of faith and protection. Whether it is a religious or cultural significance, statues can bring a sense of serenity and meaning to a home.

The Basics of Home Statue Maintenance

It’s important to choose the right place to display the statue; avoid direct sunlight, wind, and intense humidity as these can damage the statue. Clean the statue with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Make sure the cloth is just slightly damp, as too much moisture can damage the statue.

Take care when using abrasive cleaning agents or polishes, as these can damage the surface. Protect the statue from corrosion and rusting by applying a thin, even coat of suitable wax or lacquer thinner.

Places to Shop for Quality Home Statues

When it comes to finding quality home statues, there are many great places to shop. An antique store is a great place to start if you’re looking for unique and interesting pieces. Online retailers are another excellent option, as they can offer a wide selection of reasonably priced items.

Art galleries and specialty stores often sell several unique and handmade statues. While more expensive than other options, they can provide something special for your home.

Purchasing Statues For Home Design Style

This complete guide discusses all the necessary aspects you should consider when purchasing statues for home. These helpful tips can save you money and help you find the perfect piece to fit your home’s unique style and personality. Start now and begin the journey to find your perfect pieces. Take some time to consider the best piece that suits your needs. Go forth and buy the perfect statue for your home!

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