When your house gets messy, you want to clean up as soon as possible to keep your home looking good. But there’s a problem, especially if you’ve got pets or kids or it’s been a while since you last cleaned up. Your house might look dirty even though it isn’t.

Non-dirty, messy houses can lead to an inferiority complex. To move past self-hating cleanliness, it’s necessary to vacuum and clean even if nothing needs to be cleaned. Cleaning, intense cleaning, has tons of benefits.

But how do you know how to clean effectively? This article will go over the top tips for vacuuming to help you improve your cleaning.

1. Empty Your Vacuum Canister Before Starting

This helps ensure your canister isn’t full of dirt and dust particles that could be re-circulated in your home. Before you start vacuuming, empty the canister of your vacuum cleaner to dispose of the dirt and debris properly. Empty the canister when it is three-quarters full.

Reuse the plastic bag in the canister to contain the dirt, but do not reuse it if it is torn or damaged. Use the sealable bags to store the dirt until you can remove it from the house. Lastly, when emptying the canister outside, do not forget to hold your hand over the open canister to avoid any airborne particles re-entering the home. 

2. Use the Proper Nozzle Attachment

Different surfaces require different types of tools, like a crevice tool, to thoroughly complete the job. When vacuuming carpets, the attachment should feature soft bristles to remove particles without damaging the rug’s fibers. When vacuuming hardwood, the nozzle should be small and soft, without brushes, to prevent scratching the surface.

For upholsteries and drapes, a dusting brush that’s lightweight and anti-static should be used. To clean stairs, look for an attachment with small wheels to ease maneuvering on the edges of the risers. 

3. Take Regular Breaks 

This helps to spread out the work and also helps keep the user from becoming overly fatigued. It is essential to stop and take breaks when vacuuming for a few reasons. First, it allows the user to check and ensure that no areas have been missed.

Secondly, it allows the user to quickly shift between different room sizes or sections and move furniture while they have a chance to do so. Finally, taking regular breaks enable the user to redistribute the weight of the vacuum itself. If you can’t find time to clean your own, you can always hire cleaning services, just like on this site.

4. Don’t Avoid Your Furniture

Please keep it simple and start by moving any furniture at least four away from the walls or other objects. Doing this gives you space to vacuum thoroughly and lets you easily clean underneath the furniture.

As a bonus, moving the furniture is also an excellent way to shift the dust around and physically remove it from the home. Place larger items back against the wall after vacuuming to avoid the dust settling in one spot. You should also clean any furniture, floor vents, and other surfaces while they are accessible.

Tips for Vacuuming to Maximize Floor Cleaning

Overall, vacuuming is a task that should be kept up with. Try emptying your vacuum canister first, moving the furniture, taking regular breaks, and using the right attachments. These tips for vacuuming will help achieve optimal home cleaning! 

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