Fireplaces have long been a staple of homes. They offer a place for families and friends to gather and have a great time.

That’s why they’re so prevalent in homes. But unfortunately, they don’t last forever. You’ll need to repair and eventually replace your fireplace in the future.

It’s not cheap when you need to buy a new fireplace, so it makes sense to learn the signs that it’s necessary. Below are five common signs that you need to hire a fireplace installation service.

1. You Have a Smoky House

Smoke shouldn’t get into your home when you light a fire. The fireplace contains exhausts and pipes the smoke outside your home. It’s a big issue if you have smoke in your home after lighting a fire.

It’s a sign that your fireplace material is deteriorating if this happens. While you may be able to fix this issue in some cases, some deterioration is bad enough to warrant a fireplace replacement.

2. Your Mortar Joints Are Cracked

Brick fireplaces use mortar joints to help the structural integrity of the fireplace. They’re there to keep out moisture and hold the rest of the fireplace together. However, that means extra water will be in those areas, leading to breakdown over time.

Bad mortar joints can lead to extra moisture entering your fireplace and will cause mold and rust to form inside. These can be hard to fix, so replacing old fireplaces is common when this problem occurs.

3. You Have Poor Heat

You may have heat issues if you have a poor-performing electric fireplace. The output of those devices can degrade over time, which means you’ll need a replacement if you want to continue heating your home.

A modern fireplace can offer a more attractive option and provide everything you need in a fireplace. Click here to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a modern fireplace that keeps you warm during the cool months.

4. You Have High Energy Costs

A fireplace problem isn’t always something you’ll notice by seeing the issue yourself. There may be times when the problem is hidden. If you rely on your fireplace to maintain your home’s climate, that means you’ll see the problem in other places.

One thing to watch for is a higher energy bill. If your fireplace doesn’t do as good of a job keeping things warm, it can cause your other heating systems to work harder. You can resolve this problem by installing a new fireplace.

5. Your Chimney Crown Has Damage

Your chimney crown is what stops the elements from entering your home. It blocks rain, debris, snow, and other things from making into your chimney.

It can’t do that when it has damage. If you want your fireplace to continue working well, you’ll need to invest in chimney crown repair or purchase a new chimney.

Don’t Wait to Buy a New Fireplace

You need to keep your fireplace working correctly to keep a warm home and reduce the chances of problems happening. However, regular fireplace maintenance isn’t always enough to keep things working correctly. Remember the items above to know when it’s time to buy a new fireplace.

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