Babies start playing from the moment they smile.

Before you know it they’re crawling, walking, and eventually starting preschool! Kids grow up fast, and play is a great way to help them develop.

However, your child will have a hard time playing if they don’t have a room they can enjoy themselves in. If you want to learn how to design a bedroom that your child can fall in love with, this article is for you. We’ll give you some of the best insights for creating a room that your child will remember for the rest of their life.

What’s the secret to designing the perfect kids’ bedroom? Read on to find out learn some of the best bedroom ideas.

How to Design a Bedroom They Grow Into

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when they learn how to design a bedroom is that they make it too childish. If you want to avoid having an outdated bedroom, design a room your child can grow into.

For instance, leave space in the room to add a desk. Avoid painting anything on the walls that you’re not willing to paint over.

ABC’s and Teddy bears probably aren’t the best choice. Instead, stick to solid colors that your child can customize later on.

It’s also a good idea to use bunk beds depending on your child’s age. Even though they might not be old enough for sleepovers now, before you know it, they will be begging for them.

Nursery Bedroom Ideas

Are you designing a nursery bedroom? The furniture you choose will make or break the design of the room. If you’re choosing furniture for infants to toddlers, you’re going to want to think beyond the crib.

For instance, an accent chair or recliner can be the perfect addition for those sleepless nights. Ask yourself, “Will this bedroom furniture be enjoyable to sit on hour after hour?”. The right chair will be able to serve your child’s bedroom in their younger years and then transition into the living room when the time is right.

So again, you’ll want to avoid picking a chair that’s childish. Instead, choose a chair that’s functional and comfortable.

If you have a small nursery space, you’ll need to double-check the furniture measurements. The furniture should be small enough to make the room easy to move around in. When your child starts walking, you’ll want them to easily be able to get from point A to point B.

Find a Fun Theme for the Perfect Bedroom

Have you thought about designing a bedroom that has a theme? For instance, there’s the jungle theme.

Think tiger bedding, zebras striped artwork, and all sorts of fun and bold shapes.

If your child enjoys learning about outer space, then consider a solar system-themed bedroom. You can find all sorts of solar system bedding collections, including fun throw pillows shaped like planets.

We suggest painting the ceiling in a classic glow-in-the-dark color too to complete the effect. Then you can adorn the ceiling with fun glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to create an extraterrestrial effect!

Another one of our favorite themes would be the dog theme.It works even better if you have a family dog your child loves.

You can include large canvas photos of the family dog and even make bedspreads that match. The rug of the room can match the color of your dog’s fur. The room’s paint should be a nice neutral color to tie everything together.

Finally, another theme worth checking out is the wizard chic approach. It’s like transforming your child’s bedroom into a Hogwarts student chamber. You’ll be able to find all sorts of Harry Potter-themed bedding, decor, and cute accessories.

If your child changes their taste from week to week, avoid going all out with the theme. Instead, gradually introduce new elements of the theme and see how they’re received. If your child is still excited about building on the theme you chose together, then you can keep adding in more decor.

Pick the Right Mattress

If your child doesn’t have the right mattress, it will be hard for them to get the rest they need. Along with creating a fun room to be in and look at, you also need a practical room. That’s why we suggest finding out what your child’s preferred sleeping position is and then choosing the mattress to match it.

For instance, does your child like sleeping on their side?

If they’re a stomach sleeper, a firmer mattress will be better. If they enjoy sleeping on their back, then medium or medium-soft mattresses would be a good choice.

Keep It Safe With Your Bedroom Design

You’ll also want to keep safety in mind as you create the perfect bedroom and play area. For instance, when you notice your child is starting to outgrow their crib, you need to help them transition to their bed sooner than later.

Cribs are remarkable for babies still learning how to sit or move around. Switching them to a toddler bed will be the safer option once they can crawl out of the crib. You can even add side railings to the toddler bed as they get used to the new setup.

Another safety tip is to anchor any piece of tall furniture. Go to your local hardware store and find brackets that will securely anchor large amounts of furniture to the wall.

You’ll also want to cover up all of the electrical outlets. Block what outlets you can with furniture and use outlet caps and covers for the rest.

A Memorable Bedroom Layout

Now you know how to design a bedroom that’s full of wonder. No matter what theme you go with, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be creating a bedroom your child can remember for the rest of their life.

Since it’s a good idea to get your child’s input before you start rearranging things, have a talk with them today. Find out what things they find exciting, and start finding simple ways to incorporate them into the room.

What other tips could complete the look? Read another article for more ways to have the perfect space.