An outdoor living space can be beautiful. We often find ourselves sitting out on our deck and admiring the landscaping. Many of us dream of having a perfectly planned outdoor area packed with comfortable furniture, plants, and fireplaces.

If you’re designing a brand-new house or want to update your existing space, you may ask yourself, “How to create a cozy outdoor space?”. There are endless creative ways to spruce up your back deck, pool area, or front lawn.

Keep reading for tips on how to create one.

Invest in Quality Weather-Resistant Furniture

Creating a cozy outdoor living space is simple as long as you remember to invest in quality weather-resistant furniture. It is specifically designed to resist the effects of the elements.

Before investing in furniture, knowing what weather conditions it will withstand is essential. Look for furniture made from aluminum, teak, and wicker materials. These will be more resistant to sun fading, moisture, and dirt. Invest in comfortable seating and additional outdoor furniture, such as a side table or outdoor ottoman.

Use Landscaping Techniques to Create Space Definition

An outdoor space design begins with an understanding of the principles of proper landscaping. The use of landscaping techniques to define space is critical.

Use potted plants, shrubs, and ground cover to define a relaxing, intimate area—position pieces to create a designated walkway for a small outdoor space. Utilizing trees, low walls, fencing, or other decorative elements will create a visual definition of the overall space.

Add character elements like a trellis, pergola, arbor, or decorative pond. It will also add to the atmosphere. When choosing plants, choose those with varying foliage textures; smooth-leafed trees combined with spiny-leaf shrubs, for example.

Add an outdoor kitchen, furniture, water features, and pathways for a larger space. Incorporating color with flowering plants and annuals will lend a sense of cheerfulness and warmth.

Choose Feature Pieces to Give Your Area Character

Having the right feature pieces in place is essential for backyard patio ideas. A feature piece should be a piece that stands out from the rest, either in the boldness of color, unique shape, or even a combination of the two. A good starting point is to determine the area and then build around that focal point.

Some ideas include a stylish outdoor bench, a colorful trellis, a bright sunshade, a fire bowl, or an unusual sculpture. When selecting feature pieces, always consider the layout of the space, the weather, and the elements that will be exposed to it.

These pieces should give the area character and personality, so feel free to explore different sizes and colors. For reference, you can check these outdoor fire bowls here.

Brighten up the Space With Lighting and Accessories

Complete the cozy space with tasteful accessories like outdoor pillows, table linens, and rugs. Low-hanging pendant lights or tiki torches can create an inviting and invitingly soft glow in the space. Candles in mason jars and atmospheric fairy or string lights add plenty of character and mood.

Follow These Tips to Create a Cozy Outdoor Space

Creating an outdoor space involves much thought and consideration, but the result can be rewarding. You can create a warm, inviting space for yourself and your guests to relax and enjoy using plants, accessories, and furniture.

Don’t let limits stop you from creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Start today and begin to create an inviting atmosphere that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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