If you believe that crystals have healing properties, you don’t want to neglect the ones hanging above your head.

Many people recommend physically cleaning crystals to get healing benefits and prevent dust. Chandeliers are often overlooked, but you should get into the habit of purifying your entire house.

Continue reading to learn how to clean crystal chandeliers so they can make your home vibrant and healthy!

Assess the Situation

One of the first steps in learning how to clean crystal chandeliers is to assess what you will need.

Take a look at the chandelier(s) you want to clean. Observe how dirty the pieces are and if there is any damage. You should also check the height of the crystal chandelier in case you need a ladder.

Before you gather your supplies and start cleaning, take a photo of the chandelier. If you need to remove any pieces, you want to ensure they go back in the right spot!

Gather Supplies

Depending on what cleaning supplies you have around the house, you can make a few types of solutions.

Whether you create a vinegar solution, mix alcohol and water, or buy a cleaning product, you can make the crystals sparkle again. Grab a microfiber cloth, bucket, and bin.

If you’re cleaning a crystal chandelier that’s hanging from a high ceiling, you’ll need a ladder. Find a sturdy bin to place the pieces of the chandelier in so you can carry them down and clean them. You can also clean them without removing the pieces, but this can pose various risks.

Wipe the Crystals Down

You need to pay attention to the types of crystal you’re cleaning.

For example, amethyst properties can influence which products are safe and which can cause damage. Gently wipe each piece with the solution and cloth. You should wear cotton gloves while cleaning to prevent fingerprints on the crystals.

Be careful during this phase, it’s often when people drop pieces and break them. Move slowly and make sure there aren’t any kids or pets nearby.

How to Clean Crystal Chandeliers & Purify Them

If you’re a spiritual person and want t purify the crystals beyond a simple wipe-down, there are a few strategies.

You can run your crystals underwater to purify them and neutralize negative energy. Some people place them in a saltwater bath or under a full moon. Another common way to eliminate negative energy is to smudge your crystals with sage.

Find a cleaning ritual that holds significance to you. If you do plan to smudge your crystals, just keep the ashes away!

Wash Your Worries Away from Your Crystals

Learning how to clean crystal chandeliers and purify them can help you make your home a more comforting place.

By using these crystal chandelier cleaning tips, you can prevent damaging them. Harsh cleaning solutions and a lack of planning can ruin your beautiful fixture if you aren’t careful. You can clean a crystal chandelier with confidence and enhance the vibes.

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