Are you one of the bridesmaids to be? If that is the case, you are up for a new bridesmaid dress.

With all the options available today, you might be confused about your clothing and color choices. While it may be easy to follow the wedding’s motif, there are various factors you should consider first.

Read on, and let’s get to the point and have a stunning dress for the event.

Dress Color Based on Motif

Every wedding has a motif. And because you are a bridesmaid, you must not wear a color that will be different from the rest. Every bride desires to have their dream wedding come as planned, including you. So ensure you are not disappointing them by following the wedding motif.

Pick a Color Based On the Weather

While there is a motif to follow, the wedding is sure to go through a planning phase. To back up the bride or the event planner, find out the date and what weather is expected. Look into which season the wedding will fall.

If it’s a summer wedding, you should wear something light in color. Don’t hesitate to talk to the wedding planner or the bride about it. Otherwise, you’ll all end up sweating all day long until the event is done.

If it’s a winter or spring wedding, a good suggestion to the bride would be darker colors or black bridesmaid dresses. If you fail to give this suggestion, even if you notice their motif, you’ll all end up freezing until the event is done.

Base It on a Color Palette

New wedding events are becoming more flexible than just sticking to a motif. That’s why you’ll notice invitations having a color palette. With that, it also makes it flexible for you to shop for a good one based on your taste within the given colors.

Plus, you won’t have difficulty mixing and matching colors that fit your skin tone and color. This is where the struggle is usually for every event, as some motifs will have to also mean more make-up if it doesn’t match your skin type.

Consider Color That Fits Any Style

When choosing a color for bridesmaid dresses, it’s wise to consider the color that fits any style. Neutral colors can be the most flattering and flexible option for the modern bridal party. Soft hues are always a great choice. You can try the following:

  • taupe
  • pink
  • lavender
  • yellow

If you prefer bolder colors, try jewel tones and jewel-inspired colors like:

  • emerald
  • deep blues
  • silvers

These colors will look chic for classic and modern weddings and will suit any body type. Pick colors that complement your wedding colors and are timeless and stylish! You might also want to try these dusty rose bridesmaid dresses.

Have a Stunning Bridesmaid Dress That Fits the Wedding Motif

When choosing a bridesmaid dress, it is good to keep in mind that you are a special guest. The bride has high expectations of you, and you should be within the wedding motif. If you have good suggestions, don’t hesitate to let them know. Every bride is mostly open to creative inputs.

If you think we’ve given you tips for choosing the right bridesmaid dresses, feel free to explore the rest of our new blog posts.