Patios are one of the most popular features of any home. Not only do they bring tons of fun to you and your family, but you can also get an estimated 80% or more return on your investment when building a new patio. 

Patios provide endless possibilities for your home. Whatever you have in mind for your patio, a good design is very important for making your vision a reality. 

Keep reading our top tips on how to design a patio. 

How to Design a Patio 

Patios are incredibly popular, but there are a lot of different ways to create your design. Patio design boils down to a few important details:

  • What do you most want to use your patio for? 
  • How much space do you have to work with?
  • What budget do you have to work with?

Consider your space. The best patio layout will make use of all the available area you have without feeling cluttered. 

Once you have the key elements nailed down, you can start getting creative. A simple patio with a few chairs is great, but there are some simple ways you can make a patio even better. 

Outdoor Patio Ideas

An outdoor patio has an abundance of potential. 

Depending on the space you already have available, you can make a lot of different decisions. Keeping your space and budget in mind, set your sights what you want to get out of your patio. 

Do you dream of a backyard oasis? Do you want to be the entertainment hotspot of the neighborhood? Maybe some combination of the two?

Keep reading some of our top patio ideas for some design inspiration!

Gather Around a Built-in Fire Pit

On a warm summer’s night, there is nothing more popular than a bonfire. With a built-in fireplace, you can safely have one right on your patio. 

A contractor can help provide tips on how to do this. You can go as simple as a cinder block, wood-burning fire pit, or step it up with a fully electric, high-end fireplace. Once you have your fireplace built, surround it with comfortable outdoor furniture

When it comes to fireplace furniture, you can either do individual chairs or large, cozy outdoor sofas. You can also incorporate small tables for drinks or s’mores supplies. 

Your family and friends will love gathering around the campfire after a long day!

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Throw an Epic Movie Night With a Backyard Theater

Have you been envying those Pinterest-worthy outdoor movie theaters people have in their yards? Now it can be yours too! 

Arrange comfortable outdoor chairs or chaises in rows and set up a projector. This does not have to be extremely expensive: there are many inexpensive projector options! As long as you have a flat surface to point it at, you will be good to go. 

For extra fun, invest in a popcorn maker. Your family and friends will make so many memories watching movies on the patio. 

Entertain Friends and Family With Outdoor Dining 

Outdoor patios are great places to put grills. A summer barbecue is great for entertaining and just simple nights in. 

If you’re moving in and out of your indoor kitchen while entertaining outdoors, installing new patio doors can help reduce your electric bill. They’ll help with temperature control, and picking the right ones will make it even easier to work between your kitchen and outdoor dining space. 

To really step it up, a covered patio can even have a full second kitchen outdoors for entertaining. Refrigerators for drinks, sinks for the cups, and a stove for the meal all can be put out on your patio. 

Fresh air and good food go hand-in-hand. There is something distinctly more fun about eating on the patio rather than indoors. 

Not only is outdoor dining fun, but it’s also a great way to gather while keeping safe practices during the pandemic. Share a meal with friends and family while reducing your risks. 

Whether you dream of a full outdoor kitchen or a simple grill and table, your patio will be sure to entertain all your guests. 

The Outdoor Bar

Be the talk of the neighborhood with a full-service patio bar. Your friends and family will love hanging out at the patio to talk and drink on the weekends. 

Add a mini fridge for full access to your favorite mixers and beers, or even add a wine fridge for the perfect backyard wine tasting. Consider keeping a charcuterie board in the fridge for low-effort snacking with a high-effort look. 

To really make your patio bar luxurious, install beer taps in your counter. You can have your favorite brews within arm’s reach, and your friends are sure to be impressed. 

Keep It Simple and Relaxing

A patio does not need to be all about entertaining. To build a backyard oasis, invest in some great chaises and keep it simple! 

To amp it up a notch, you can add on relaxing features like a water fountain and some privacy gardening. A minibar is a great way to keep the piña coladas close and the relaxation in high gear. 

You deserve to relax! Read a book, get a tan, or just lay around on your new patio and enjoy every minute. 

Build Your Dream Patio Today!

Patios are an amazing way to upgrade your space. There are so many different takes on the average patio. Not only can they add value, but they will also bring you lots of memories and happiness.

Once you have your patio visualized, talk to a contractor about how to make that dream a reality! A patio can be many things at once, so don’t be afraid to bring a couple of ideas together in your patio. 

If you’re looking for other tips on how to design a patio or home improvement, check out some of our other blog posts!