Some areas get snow and some areas are in the middle of a hot muggy summer. Whatever the weather and season, taking care of your lawn is a great activity for you and your family.

It gives you a little relaxing, peaceful time to yourself during your day. If you’re not using your house very much because of the hot weather, take it outside.

Homeowners want to maintain a healthy yard for appearances, for selling their homes, and for the health of their family and pets.

Here are some summer lawn care tips you can use.

1. Prepare Your Lawn for Summer Success

During summer, proper lawn care is essential to keep your turf in good condition and looking its best. Summer lawn care involves more than just mowing and watering – so it pays to be proactive! Begin by assessing your lawn for any damage from the previous season, such as weed, grub, insect, and disease pressure.

2. Master Mowing Basics for Optimal Growth

Knowing the basics of yard care can help you care for your grass and have a lush, beautiful lawn that you’re proud of. Mastering the basics of mowing your lawn is one of the best ways to keep it healthy during the summer. It’s best to mow your lawn when it is dry and to start mowing at the highest settings your mower allows.

Mow every 5-7 days, making sure to not cut the grass too short which can cause it to dry out and die. Another important rule that applies year-round is to never mow when your grass is wet or it could cause the blades to stick and damage your mower.

3. Water and Fertilize for Maximum Health

An ideal watering schedule is to provide your lawn with one inch of water once a week during the hot summer months. This way the soil can absorb the water deep into the roots for maximum health.

You can also fertilize your lawn during the summer months to replenish lost nutrients and encourage growth. Organic fertilizer is best, as it is typically safer for the environment and less likely to burn the grass.

4. Essential Weed Control Solutions

Weeds can take away the vibrancy and health of beautiful summer lawns. Essential weed control solutions should include proper maintenance practices. Applying pre-emergent herbicides can help control weed populations before they take hold. Also, use post-emergent weed killers when necessary to attack existing weeds and prevent them from spreading.

5. Combat Common Pest Issues

When it comes to combatting common pest issues, it’s important to understand the different types of pests that can cause problems in your lawn such as chinch bugs, white grubs, and billbugs. It’s important to recognize that pest infestations can become a bigger problem when the temperature begins to rise.

If you find yourself battling with pests, the best course of action is to hire landscapers who can assess the situation and provide you with effective solutions. You may check out

Use These Lawn Care Tips to Maintain Your Property

Taking care of your lawn during the summer is an important part of lawn maintenance. Taking a few simple measures can help you improve the health of your lawn. If you want, you can also hire landscaping services.

Water your lawn regularly, mow on a regular basis, use organic fertilizers, and control pests and weeds. Taking care of your lawn in the summer can ensure a healthy and attractive lawn for the future. Try these summer lawn care tips today and reap the many benefits!

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