Staying on top of home maintenance helps your property increase in value.

Doing interior renovations is fun and more cost-effective. And everyday use makes it easy to tell when it is time for some interior upgrades.

But the signs of wear and tear on the exterior of your house are harder to pinpoint.

You may avoid exterior work altogether because it is out of sight and out of mind. Eventually, you will need to address essential house features like the siding.

Siding issues get amplified when left unattended and trigger other maintenance problems. Discover when it is time for siding repair with these five signs.

1. Interior Water Damage

Water stains inside your house are a sign that you need siding replacement. The siding develops leaks because of weather conditions or a poor siding job in the past.

Your siding should be watertight to avoid issues like wood rot and mold. The structure of your house can deteriorate with prolonged exposure to water.

The cost of reinforcing your house or mold remediation is costly. So call a siding specialist at the first sign of water damage.

2. Distorted in Shape

Your siding needs to align perfectly with the frame of your house. When your siding begins to bulge, you should contact a siding repair company as soon as possible.

The quality of the siding or uneven application may be the cause of the distortion. The space between the siding caused by the warping is prime real estate for termites and rodents.

Save yourself the hassle of hiring an exterminator and get your siding replaced.

3. Makes Your Home Look Unattractive

Aging or damaged siding makes your home look cheap. And the market value of your home decreases because of its ugliness.

Search for a siding repair service that will beautify your home with quality siding. Click here to get a quote for new and attractive siding.

Add some character to your home with bold and trendy siding.

4. Vulnerable to Strong Weather Conditions

Siding that can withstand various weather conditions is necessary regardless of climate. Superior siding should take on elements like heavy rain, high winds, and debris.

If your siding is blowing away in the wind, it is time for an upgrade. Not only does siding enhance curb appeal, but it protects your home from the elements.

5. Drafty and Poor Insulation

An increase in utility bills is a sign your siding is not doing its job. You waste energy when dealing with drafty and poorly insulated siding.

Outside temperatures are penetrating your siding and causing you to run your thermostat constantly. Reduce your energy consumption by hiring a siding contractor to replace your siding.

Siding Repair

Siding is like the trench coat of the home and protects it from harsh conditions. Investing in siding repair fortifies and enhances the comfortability of your home.

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