Many homeowners are unsure if they can handle a major remodel project like installing a new roof. The good news is new roofs aren’t as difficult to replace as you might think. A residential roofing contractor can handle the entire process from removal to installation.

Before you hire a residential roofing contractor, you’ll want to find the right match.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before hiring a company for a major roofing project.

Evaluate Your Roofing Needs

When hiring a residential roofing contractor, it is important first to evaluate your roofing needs. Start by inspecting the current condition of the roof. Consider what type of roof you need, such as:

  • metal
  • shingles
  • tile

Educate yourself on the different options available to you. Identify which materials would be most suited for the climate you live in. Knowing what you need will help you identify which roofing services you will hire.

Review Qualifications of Prospective Contractors

You should begin by thoroughly reviewing the qualifications of prospective contractors. Start by gathering references from those who have used their services in the past. Then check for proper licensing and insurance.

This can help protect you should any damages or accidents occur during the job. Ask each contractor to provide any information on the materials they typically use and inquire into their training and experience in residential and commercial roofing.

Check websites like Rock House Roofing for information. Services like this would highlight their services and qualifications. 

Compare Roof Repair Costs and Services

It is important to get several quotes from reputable companies to ensure you get a quality product at a competitive price. Researching materials and labor costs should be taken into consideration in each quote.

Once you have received all the quotes, comparing roof repair costs before making your final choice is very important. Confirm they offer high-quality roofing products and services.

Negotiate Payment and Warranty Terms

Before hiring a residential roofing contractor, it is important to negotiate the payment and warranty terms. Make sure you clearly understand the scope of work, the time frame for completing the job, the total cost, and the payment schedule.

Ask questions as necessary and make sure to get the answers in writing. Have the contractor explain the materials and labor warranties, such as:

  • terms related to duration
  • transferability
  • coverage of any damages

Finally, discuss any applicable taxes and warranty terms. 

Look for a Local Contractor

When looking for a residential roofing contractor, it is important to focus on contractors who are local to the area. This will make it easier for them to come to inspect the roof.

A local contractor is also familiar with codes and roofing regulations around your area. They are most knowledgeable regarding the structure that matches your location. They can respond quickly if any repairs are needed as they are close by.

There are lots of benefits to hiring a local roof contractor. Make sure to include them in your options for roofing contractors.

Hire a Residential Roofing Contractor Today

Deciding to hire a residential roofing contractor is a difficult decision without the right information. Following these guidelines and getting multiple bids ensures that your contractor is experienced, reliable, and reasonably priced for your home project.

Remember to research their reviews and get estimates for the job. Start on your roofing project today!

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