In the US, around 65.5% of homes are owned. If you’ve been renting for most of your life, but are crossing over and signing for a house soon, then you might be excited to call yourself a homeowner.

Owning your own home comes with some big responsibilities though. You might encounter some plumbing problems, which you’ll need to recognize quickly. Otherwise, they can become disastrous and expensive to fix!

Read on for 4 common plumbing problems you might spot.

1. Dripping Faucets

Ever gone to bed at night, settled in, then heard the annoying drip-drop of your bathroom faucet? You get up to try and close it tightly, but to no avail; you’ll have to go to sleep with that persistent sound.

Not to mention, it can rust your bathroom surfaces and rot its wood too. This can then lead to even more leaks!

Thankfully, this is a quick fix for a skilled plumber. So it won’t cost much at all!

2. Clogged Toilet

Has your kid flushed one of their toys again? Or maybe you put one too many wads of toilet paper in.

In any case, your toilet refuses to clear and is threatening to overflow.

Have a professional plumbing company come determine where the clog is, whether that’s the septic, sewer line, or any pipe in your home. After they’ve found the root cause of the clog, then they can clear it safely so your bathroom’s usable again.

3. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is most noticeable when you’re in the shower and the stream is so weak, you feel like it’ll take an hour to finish. But there are other places you should keep an eye on, such as your dishwasher and sprinklers.

You can first check the water valve, as it might only be open halfway. Then, go through the house and check the pressure from each water source.

Isolated low pressure means there’s a blockage in that area. If there’s low water pressure everywhere, then you have problems with more than one pipe.

Either way, choose a residential plumber who can come diagnose the issue quickly and get the water flowing again.

4. Malfunctioning Water Heater

A malfunctioning water heater is one of the worst major plumbing problems to have, especially in the winter. It can either give out lukewarm water or worse yet, ice-cold water.

Other issues that might occur include broken valves (leading to a flood), rust, or bacteria in the tank. If you notice even the slightest thing wrong, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber.

Watching Out for These Plumbing Problems

Now that you know what the big plumbing problems are in homes, you’ll have a much easier time recognizing them. And as a result, you can get them fixed promptly and keep more money in the bank!

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