In the last year, 14 million housing units have seen roaches, and another 14.8 million saw rodents.

It can be unpleasant to share your house with an unwanted roommate. And while it’s impossible to keep your house pest-free forever, there are certainly ways you can keep them at bay.

1. Cockroaches

As you might’ve already guessed, cockroaches are one of the most common household pests you’ll find.

You’ll want to get rid of water and food sources these bugs might have access to. You should also lay down some traps, even after you’ve killed them all. That way, you’ll know immediately if you’ve got more unwanted visitors.

2. Mice and Rats

This is another pest we mentioned earlier. While rodents can be cute, they can also bring in diseases and ruin your house.

Like with cockroaches, you’ll want to eliminate any food sources that are easily accessible. Put everything in the fridge and anything that’s in the cupboards, you’ll want to put in metal or glass containers. Rodents can chew through plastic and cardboard.

You’ll also need to find possible entryways and plug them up.

For a bad mouse or rat infestation, you’ll need professional pest removal services like those from

3. Ants

Seeing a ant here or there isn’t cause for alarm—yet. And the good news is, ants don’t hide, so if you see a bunch of them, then you know you’ve got a problem.

Make sure your kitchen is spotless so they have nothing to bring home to eat. You should also check for little cracks and crevices where they can get in from the outside.

In addition, it’ll help to move your plants away from the edge of your home. Ants are attracted to foliage, so put some distance between them and your house’s interior.

4. Termites

Termites are one of the more serious pests you can get. They feast on your house’s wood parts, which can do some major structural damage.

Take a close look at the wood in your home to see if there’s damage. If it’s darkened, blistered, or looks tunneled into, then you might have termites on your hands.

To be on the safe side, call in exterminators. They can inspect your property and take care of your pest issue if you have one.

Steer Clear of These Household Pests

Household pests can be a pain to deal with. But if you recognize the early signs, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with them.

So keep an eye out and make your house as unattractive to live in as possible. And if needed, call in the big guns!

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