Uno was invented way back in 1971, but it’s still one of the classic family-friendly games to play on a rainy day.

That’s where Uno Wild Twists could come in.Read on to find out about Uno Wild Twists and how it differs from the classic.

Classic Uno

Before you get into the wonderful world of Wild Twists, you need to understand the rules of the classic Uno game. The game starts by determining who the dealer will be.

There are 112 total cards in an Uno deck, which are assigned different values. Each player is initially dealt seven cards. You then make a pile with the rest of the cards, called the draw pile, and another pile will form called the discard pile, with one card from the draw pile.

The gameplay begins with each player taking turns trying to match the card in the discard pile in some way. Those who cannot match the top card in the discard pile has to draw a card from the draw pile. When you get to your second-to-last card, you must say Uno before playing your card. When one player plays their last card, the round ends.

Uno Wild Twists

Uno Wild Twists turns classic games like Uno on their head. Wild Twists adds seven new cards to the traditional 52-card deck, unlike a standard Uno deck. These are called the wild cards.

The wild cards can count as any number, but most of them can only be used as the color and/or suite they are assigned.

Uno Wild Twists isn’t actually used to play regular Uno. Instead, you use it to put twists on standard card games. The Uno Wild Twists deck can really throw a wrench into the standard game of poker, for example.

But, if you’re looking for something new, you can also try out the Wild Race game. To play Wild Race, you deal your Wild Twists deck out evenly to each player. Each player will then rotate placing a card face-up in the middle. When a wild card is put down, be the first to slap the pile.

Uno Wild Twists is only one of the many great games offered by Mattel, so take a look and see what else they offer.

Start Playing Uno Wild Twists Today

So, what are you waiting for? Uno Wild Twists is a great new game option for you to check out.

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