Everybody enjoys a good game. We all began with checkers and simple board games when we were little, then as we grew we started playing arcade and computer games, and now, just like entertainment, business, and shopping, gaming has found a new home on the internet. The last decade has seen online gaming grow into an international phenomenon that even holds organized e Sporting events and tournaments for those who take their hobby to the bank and become professional gamers!

In order for a gamer to play competitively online they need to have guaranteed high speed from an internet connection that can handle huge amounts of data passing through it in real time. The best choice for this is without a doubt fibre cable, it’s the only kind of connection that can support the breakneck speed and big bandwidth today’s modern gameplay demands!

Optical fibre cables are made of thin strands of glass that can transmit data by light, giving it a huge advantage over copper wire, wireless signals, and other mediums of communication. Let’s take a closer look at why fibre cable is the best way to go when engaging in online gaming, whether you are a pro, or just enjoying a game with friends and family!

  • High Capacity Bandwidth – The amount of data a connection can support is called bandwidth, and today’s fast-moving, image and sound-heavy games require a lot of it to run smoothly! Trying to play a cutting-edge game on a connection lacking in bandwidth is frustrating at best as you experience annoyances like lag that can cause you to lose a match without even making a mistake! Everything just freezes up, and when the connection resumes you find your avatar lying dead on the virtual battlefield! Speedy, smooth gameplay is a given when playing across a fibre connection, you will never experience a lag kill again!
  • Low Latency – Latency refers to the amount of time data takes to travel from one place to another, and the lower your latency is, the less late you will be! The need for speed is central to today’s internet gaming, so a high latency connection can be a real killjoy as you punch commands into your game controller only to have to wait long, precious seconds for them to take effect- games are lost and won thanks to this! Fibre cable connections offer the lowest latency around so your orders happen instantaneously at the speed of light to make your experience as immersive and responsive as possible so you can take the high score in style!
  • Symmetrical Data Transmission – This term refers to your connection’s ability to download and upload data from the remote game server at the same exact rate, simultaneously along with all the other players in a real-time, multiplayer platform. When it happens, it happens to everybody, making a great game experience everyone can enjoy!

The Australian Government is starting to take the power of fast internet seriously with plans to bring high-speed fibre connections to one million homes in 2024! So, if you love gaming and want to get the most out of it, sign up for a fibre cable connection, it’s the only way to shred!