56% of Americans own stock, which means there’s a very good chance you or someone you know does. It’s a great way to make your money grow, but only if you do it right.

For example, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. You should consider diversifying to things like precious metals, which can grow your bank account even more.

But what is the best metal to invest in right now? Here are some metal investment choices you can consider.


Gold is the best metal to invest in because it’s always held its worth throughout history, even when there are huge recessions and economic slowdowns. It’s also used for jewelry and as a store of wealth all across the world, so that adds to its stability even more.

The only downside to investing in gold is it costs a hefty amount to buy. So if you’re a new investor and don’t have much money to work with, gold might be out of the question.


Silver’s another good one when it comes to investing in precious metals. Like gold, it’s heavily used for jewelry and is also a store of wealth. Its bonus point is its also used in lots of industrial applications, so there’s even more of a demand for silver.

Another plus is silver isn’t as expensive to buy. So newer investors can get into the silver market more easily.

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You might be familiar with platinum in jewelry, so investing in it for this sole reason is already a good choice. But did you know that platinum is also widely used in the automotive industry? This precious metal is used in catalytic converters for diesel engines.

If you’re looking for a stable precious metal to invest in, then platinum is an excellent option. It’s not as prone to spikes as gold and silver are.


Palladium is a sister metal to platinum. It’s also used for jewelry and has its application in the automotive industry as well. But instead of diesel engines, palladium is used for gasoline engines instead.

If you’re investing in platinum, consider making a double investment with this sister metal to diversify your portfolio. Pricewise, palladium typically tracks platinum, so this can be a lucrative investment if you time it just right.

Make a Wise Metal Investment

If you’ve been interested in making a metal investment but didn’t know where to start, then this article should be a great starting point. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are all fine options.

Of course, we’ve only covered some of the top choices for metal investing. Once you get the hang of things, then it’s definitely a good idea to diversify even more and invest in other metals too.

Now that you’ve learned how to invest in metals, read more of our blog page for more financial advice!