Are you like a lot of people these days who are not making enough money?  Why not start a side hustle to earn a little extra cash, and help pay some of those bills?

Here are some ideas of side hustles that are easy to get into.


Consider your current career.  Do you have special or marketable skills?  Sites like can help you get in touch with buyers interested in your skills.  You can offer almost any digital service and find a buyer.  Whether you have skills in graphic design, music & audio, writing & translation, photography, or marketing, you can connect with someone interested in your work.

Sell a Product on Amazon

If you have an already established business or have access to interesting and unique products, you can sell them on Amazon.  As of a few years ago, there were over 1.1 million individual sellers on Amazon.  Sales of total merchandise sold on Amazon Australia are predicted to be almost 7.5 billion in 2024 and increase to almost 10 billion by 2026.

That growth creates an opportunity for you to participate. If you’re interested in this check out the How to sell on Amazon guide

Love Pets

Pet sitting and doggie daycare services are perfect if you have the space and you love animals.  If you don’t have the free time to provide in-home care, start a dog walking service.  This is an easy fit if you love animals, and enjoy getting out and getting some exercise. 

There are services you can use to help you find clients or if you’re a marketing whiz you can do it yourself.  Check out for help finding clients.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you enjoy writing and telling stories you can start a blog or YouTube channel.  There are over 51 million different channels on YouTube.  Some of these are tiny and some are massive. 

What you need is a passion or interest in a subject.  Maybe you could be the next Peter Oakley, who at one time held the title of the most subscribed YouTuber.  He was a retired pensioner who posted short 5 – 10 minute videos.  He just told his personal story and it resonated with people and they wanted to watch.


If on-camera work and editing don’t sound like they are for you, but you enjoy writing and being creative start a blog. Start-up costs are low and by its nature the business is flexible.  You can monetize your site through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, display ads, and selling digital or physical products.

What you need is an area of interest.  Some of the most profitable niches are food, personal finance, traveland lifestyle.  Just be sure to tell your story.

These are only a few of the many hundreds of ways you can create a side hustle to generate some extra income.  Who knows, if you’re really good, you could even turn that part-time gig into something full-time.Just be aware, that some states and municipalities require permits or insurance, so be sure to do your homework.