Cryptocurrencies throughout their history have presented significant volatility, the main characteristic that draws the public’s attention and dramatically affects their use and trade, which should be different since their technological evolution in terms of security in transactions is essential made by users and their interaction on the network. Sign in to well-known platforms to start trading bitcoin.

It has been suggested to users discouraged by investments with losses and bear market trends with cryptocurrencies not to focus so much on their price but on the technological future as prosperous digital currencies, which will fully encompass the digital market at a global level.

CoinMamba, an investor in cryptocurrencies, stresses that throughout their existence, they have operated with them and emphasized that they currently want to carry out other types of economic activities that show greater profitability since they consider these digital currencies as a loss due to their volatility.

Faced with this expression, the founding representative of Ethereum spoke, explaining that the price and variability of the same in cryptocurrencies is only a temporary event in the market since, on occasions, they have managed to go back and achieve an unmatched revaluation as Bitcoin has shown with more than 60 thousand dollars.

The cryptocurrency industry bombarded by its volatility

Due to many causes, such as the bankruptcy of the FTX and BlockFi exchange platform, very negative and unpleasant speculations have arisen regarding the cryptocurrency industry, which causes their interest to be lost, and many investors decide to change their economic strategy for their financial activities.

Many conditions have occurred in the cryptographic environment; DeFi, the decentralized finance protocol, suffered a multimillion-dollar scam at the beginning of the current month.

All these situations have caused distrust and distancing of investors from trading for fear of suffering losses due to downward trends or scams and fraud caused to cryptocurrencies.

Focusing on cryptocurrency technology is the best position

Many analysts and experts in digital market studies and cryptocurrencies advise relating more to the technology surrounding them, with their applications and new issues such as NFTs, Metaverse, and other creations that allow interaction in this striking and innovative medium such as it is the cryptographic world and blockchain technology.

They recommend that while the markets experience bearish situations, where it is not advisable to carry out any trading, use said time to study and learn about the technology and the changes it applies to digital currencies.

Not everything that is said negatively about cryptocurrencies is true; sometimes, it is just discrediting news from people with powerful economic and financial influences who only seek to destabilize the digital market for virtual currencies.

The Ethereum network designed a strategy to improve its position in the face of so much discredit due to its volatility experienced in recent years, providing investors with perspectives to change their minds regarding the importance not only of the price of the cryptocurrency but of its technology and benefits that offer in the exchanges and transactions that are carried out.

The scams and frauds that occur to exchange platforms, investment funds, and other diversity of cryptographic interaction tools are not due to the technology with which the transactions are processed but due to the mismanagement of the capital invested and existing in the network.


Cryptocurrencies are the new form of payment and commercial exchange that for some years now have managed to establish themselves globally in the economy, as well as to be an exciting form of investment and generating very significant profits as well as benefits and popularity for businesses and businesses. Institutions that have implemented them.

Not only the price of cryptocurrencies is the relevant issue concerning them, but it is also essential to know their technology since through it, you can sometimes deduce their behavior and evolution in the markets, where blockchain technology defines the security, efficiency, and speed in the processes and transactions that are carried out with these currencies in the crypto markets.

Before being part of the world of cryptocurrencies, it is convenient to know all about their environment to think about trading with them for their values and their benefits since it is the fundamental basis of the technology governing them.