Being an Indian bride is an extravagant affair. The Indian brides look extremely beautiful on their special day. And, trust us we know that getting ready as a traditional Indian bride is not at all a one-day job or a few hours job. It requires a day’s long searching, finding, and deciding the various elements of your bridal day in order to look your best version on the final day.

When we say an Indian bride, a picture is created in our minds. The picture is of a pretty Indian lady dressed up in marvelous bridal attire, with a beautiful bridal hairstyle and makeup on. And, what should we say about bridal jewelry? It is the main attraction of a bridal look. There are so many versions of Indian bridal jewelry from traditional gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, kundan jewelry, artificial jewelry, antique jewelry and so much more.

Also, the pieces that are included in a bridal jewelry set are numerous and mesmerizing. It is said that on her wedding day, an Indian bride is adorned with beautiful jewelry from head to toe. To begin with, an Indian bride has a maang tikka on her forehead or a mathapatti. Then the beautiful earrings, choker necklace, a long necklace called the rani haar, stunning bridal choodas, bajubandhs, kamarbandh, payal, rings, toe rings, and other small jewelry pieces complete the bridal look of an Indian woman.

One jewelry piece without which an Indian bride doesn’t look like a complete Indian bride is the nath or the nose ring. Wearing a nath on the wedding day is an old age tradition of Indian weddings. A bridal nath is a very important part of the Indian bridal look. A gorgeous and well-suited nath can do wonders to your overall bridal look. And as a bride-to-be, we know that it is very difficult to decide on the right nath design for you.

You have so many options available. You can either pick a readymade nose ring or go for a customized one. You can take one in original stones or gold or go with an artificial one. The choices are endless.

Here are some of the best and latest Indian bridal nath designs that you will love and would want to wear on your wedding day.

●     The Marathi mugli look!

India is a diverse country.Similarly, fashion also changes from culture to culture.

The Maharashtrian nose ring or the Maharashtrian nath is well known for its unique design throughout the country. It is nothing like the ordinary bridal nath. It is completely different in its shape and looks.

The Maharashtrian nath is perfect for the brides who don’t want a circle hanging on their face tied with a chain throughout the wedding.

The Maharashtrian nath is available in numerous designs and colors. They look beautiful with traditional outfits and jewelry. Opting for a Maharashtrian nath instead of the ordinary ones will provide you a very unique look. When wearing a Maharashtrian nath, decorating your hairstyle with a kajra is an amazing option. Kajra and Marathi nose pin go really well together.

●     A little something from the South of India!

As we talked about already, every part of our beautiful country has something unique and different to offer in everything from food to fashion.

So, try out these beautifully crafted pieces of South Indian nose rings. The South Indian nath or nose ring is known as ‘Mukhutti’.

The traditional South Indian mukhutti is generally made up of gold and embellished with original stones like ruby, emeralds, etc. however, these days people prefer artificial stuff due to the risk factor. You will find many designs in artificial or semi-artificial south Indian designs as well.

This nose ring is perfect to invest in as you can later wear these with sarees on any function. Many women opt to wear this piece of nose ring with a chain while others wear it without a chain. The traditional South Indian nath looks great in both ways.

●     Bengali nose rings

We all are evident that Bengali brides look extremely pretty and mesmerizing. The color combinations, jewelry, makeup, and everything else of a Bengali bridal look is a bit different from others and that too in an amazing way. Looking at a Bengali bride is nothing less than a dream.

So, why not take an element of this beautiful bridal look into your wedding day special look. Choose a nice Bengali nose ring that matches your jewelry set and your attire and you will look magnificent.

A Bengali bridal nose ring is generally made in gold with a few pearls and stones embellished on it. It is a great option if you are planning a minimalistic bridal look and want something subtle yet classy as a nose ring for it.

Kundan and pearls- the great combination!

Kundan and pearl combination nose rings are other stunning pieces that every Indian bride should try at least once. After all, what is not to love in these gorgeous nose pieces?

Kundan has always been a part of traditional Indian bridal jewelry. It adds a pinch of royalty to the overall look of the bride. And then come our all-time favorite, pearls! These gorgeous small pieces are just splendidly perfect. The combination of these two top-notchelements, kundan, and pearls, make such kind of nose rings the perfect choice for every bride.

Micro pearls are generally used in these nose rings to embellish the chain holding the nath or the latkan. On the other hand, bigger pieces of pearls are placed near the kundan stones enhancing their beauty.

●     Keep it as simple as you can!

Even though the wedding is in itself a huge affair and needs to be grand for the bride and the groom, some brides like to keep everything simpler. They just want to look stunning but in a different way. They don’t want to look too much (which you can’t actually be on your wedding day ever).

Such brides want a minimalistic look on their wedding day. So, if you are also one of these simple and subtle brides, trying to ditch all the hustle and trouble of being an Indian bride, this nose ring design is the most appropriate one for you.

We are talking about the nose rings made up of thin wires of gold, silver, or any material of your choice. These are the simplest bridal nose rings ever. They are not embellished with big stones or extraordinary pearls or anything else. They are just like simple hoops with a simple latkan or chain attached to them. At most, these nose rings could have one or two small pearls on them or a pearl-based latkan just to show that they are meant for the bride.

These are the latest versions of nose rings and the brides just love it. The fact that they provide such an elegant look in such an effortless manner is what sells thee beauties.

●     Something small and shiny!

Another really amazing option that brides these days are loving a lot is the nose rings that are small in size and have some shiny stones on them. Such nose rings look very classy.

When wearing a nose ring, one of the major problems that a bride’s face is that it might ruin their lipstick by getting rubbed on it again and again. Big nose rings also create problems when it is finally your time to eat something up. Such issues are not associated with these small nose rings as they don’t go to your lip area. So, such nose rings are very comfortable as well.

●     Make it grand!

In this world of everything becoming very simple, there are some brides who like things to be grand especially when it is about their wedding day. They want to look as gorgeous in everything and as grand as possible that people stop and stare at them.

So, if you also are planning for such a magnificent bridal look then go pick up a nice heavy nose ring. Such nose rings are adorned with beautiful stones and work and look extremely striking. They give a very dramatic look to the bride. These nath or nose rings are not less in any design or size for the majestic Indian bride.

You can take one that matches your entire jewelry and your bridal attire. Such nose rings to increase the grace of a bridal look.

●     Grand but simple!

Now, there are some girls who want their every bridal piece to be grand but don’t want the nath to have a lot of design on it. They need a majestic look but in a sober manner.

 You can go with the bridal nose rings that are not extraordinary in design but are extraordinary in size. Pick a bridal nose ring that has a simple and sober design but is big in size as compared to the normal ones. Such nose rings look very unique and will attract everyone’s eyes towards you.

●     A creative chain!

The latkan or the chain of the bridal nose ring is a very important part of it. The chain not only adds support to the bridal nose ring but also adds more glam to your face on the wedding day look. The chains should also be looked after while a bridal nose ring but also adds more glam to your face on the wedding day look. The chains should also be looked after while buying a nose ring for your bridal look.

These days the bridal nose rings with multiple chains attached to it are very famous. These look very classy and stylish. They make your nose ring look even more gorgeous and hence making your bridal day look better.

These days the bridal nose rings with multiple chains attached to it are very famous. These look very classy and stylish. They make your nose ring look even more gorgeous and hence making your bridal day look better.

You can be creative with the nose ring chain in many ways. You can increase the number of chains; take a designer chain rather than a simple one etc.

●     The floral magic!

We all know that flower jewelry is on the hit list of bridal favorites these days. From mehedi to sangeet, Haldi, pool party, cocktail, and even the wedding day; brides love to wear a flower jewelry set.

Flower jewelry is upper lightweight which makes it very preferable by all the brides. Moreover, the stunning look, vibrant colors, and that too in such a sober manner; bridal flower jewelry is the best.

So, why stay behind in this trend when looking for a bridal nath. Buy a stunning piece of flower-made bridal nath. It would look really very pretty. You can wear it in a daytime function like haldi or mehendi or a nighttime ceremony like the sangeet. It is very easy to carry a floral nath as compared to the others. These look the best when paired with a full set of floral jewelry.

●     Double hooped bridal nose rings!

Just like multiple hooped earrings, double hooped nose rings also look extremely unique and smart. The double hoops transform your simple and ordinary bridal nose ring into a better and extraordinary nose ring.

Now again, it is totally up to you whether you want a simple nose ring with two hoops or one which has embellished hoops. Both look equally graceful and stylish. These nose rings are the best for the brides who want something different than usual.

Match the color or design of the nose ring with your bridal outfit and the selected jewelry. Take a nice chain or latkan to make your nose ring look even more glamorous.

●     One for the pearl lovers!

There are a few girls who just are a strong fan of pearls. They just love wearing pearls. From pearl necklaces to pearl earrings, bangles and every jewelry piece that has a piece of pearl becomes their weakness.

This nose ring pattern is for such pearl lovers. Pearls are one of the finest stones used in jewelry. Their elegance and their charisma are incomparable. A pearl jewelry set makes a lady look like a queen.

Hence, it is a great option to choose from for a pearl-based bridal nose ring. Even though you can match pearls with any color and any jewelry; it would work wonders if you wear everything in pearl on your wedding day. You are going to look breathtakingly gorgeous in a pearl nose ring adorning your face.

●     The full-covered hoop bridal nose rings!

These are the latest in trend bridal nose rings. In these nose ring patterns, the hoop is completely filled with intricate designs rather than leaving it empty like usual nose rings. This pattern looks very attractive and lovely. You can match them with your outfit and jewelry and we are sure that all eyes are going to be stuck on you on the wedding day.

●     A woman’s best friend!

Diamonds are said to be the best friends of a woman. We guess the reason why women love diamonds so much is that they are capable of bringing a dazzling shine through their charisma on the face of the woman wearing them.

Diamonds are a class in themselves. They look so eye-catching that we don’t need to give a reason why you should opt for a diamond nose ring. Moreover, the precious stones go with everything. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the color contrast and other things.

●     The traditional bride!

Well, there is nothing better than sticking to the old traditions of our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. We all will agree that our mothers and their mothers rocked their bridal looks and at least once in our lifetime, we have desired to replicate them.

So, you can stick to the old tradition and wear a stunning piece of gold nose ring. Many brides stick to wearing the proper gold-loaded sets, especially in the southern part of India, and they look nothing less than a gorgeous goddess.

So, it is always a good idea to pick up a nice gold bridal nose ring. In fact, these days there are so many new designs available in gold bridal nose rings that you will be overwhelmed while picking up the one for you. And, just like a diamond nose ring, a gold nose ring would go amazingly well with every outfit, every color, and any time. You could use it after the wedding for other functions as can check here bridal makeup artist

We think that the saying ‘Old is Gold’ is true to its core!

●     The smallest ones!

The Punjabi laung design nose rings are also very preferable among the brides. Their specialty is their small size and hassle-free design. The Punjabi style bridal nose rings or nath are very easy to carry. These are available in several unique designs and can be worn with any outfit style.

●     Something very unique!

Nose rings have been common for ages. Women in Indian have been wearing nose rings for many years at their weddings. What’s new is the trend of wearing a septum ring on your wedding day.

The septum rings look completely different and unique.

●     Some unique patterns that we spotted and which you can create for you wedding look-

Look how attractive this colorful bridal nath looks. The nude makeup and pastel outfit are complemented by the colorful jewelry in such a nice way. The colorful jewelry breaks the pastel monotony in a very soothing mann

 This nose ring design took our heart away at the first sight itself. Just see how glorious this nose ring looks. Moreover, the bride wore a very classic color combination of red, green and golden; matched her overall jewelry with the outfit and looked as stunning as one could ever dream of.

The fish pattern made of red and golden stones and white pearls is eye catching. You can easily pair this unique bridal nose ring with a red, green, golden, cream or any other matching outfit and similar shade jewelry set.

So we talked about the double-chained bridal nose rings but, this multi-chained nose ring is one of its kind. The nose ring is a simple one but the chain has increased its beauty. You can add a similar chain to any nose ring design of your choice.

Be it bridal jewelry, bridal outfits, or bridal mehendi, peacocks have always existed in the designs. The beauty of this nose ring lies in the unique peacock design in the hoop. It is just a masterpiece that can be matched with any outfit and jewelry easily due to the color combinations present in it.

Just look at the size of the hoop! Isn’t it fantastic? And the magic is that besides being so big in size, this nose ring does not look weird or extra. The simplicity, the golden and green pearls, and the gotta patti hint; everything in this unique nath is just perfect. The birds sitting on a string and the flowers all around them look very pretty. The color combination of red and golden used in this unique design adds to the beauty of this bridal nose ring. The hoop is half covered which makes it different from the usual empty hooped nose ring designs. Overall this bridal nose ring looks worth a try for sure.