You spend plenty of time sporting cute summer outfits. But have you ever thought about rocking a cute accessory to match? The size of the jewelry industry in the UK was estimated at USD 4,336 million in 2021.

It’s difficult to find inexpensive accessories to match every summer outfit you own. That is one reason that trendy bracelets have become so popular. Any woman of any style can find a bracelet that matches her summer fashion.

Trendy types of bracelets come in thousands of styles and colors. But how do you know which is trendy?

Check out these trending bracelets in the summer of 2023.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are popular jewelry made of sterling silver, and some even feature cute and colorful symbols such as hearts, stars, and owls.

They are the perfect bracelet options for expressing your style and adding a pop of personality to your outfit. Not only are charm bracelets chic but wearing one can bring good fortune and a confidence boost!

Layer it with other pieces like a watch to create a bold and stylish statement complemented by all the latest trends. If you’re looking to add a watch, try your luck to win a watch online competition. You never know which lowest price you’ll get lucky with.

Pearl Bracelets

From delicate thin chain bracelets encrusted with tiny pearls to cuff styles lined with larger, multicolored pearlescent beads, these accessories add a touch of class to any outfit. Stylists pair these pretty baubles with breezy summer dresses, oversized tunics, and casual denim to create an ethereal, feminine look.

For a more daring look, try a stacked pearl cuff around one arm complemented by a bright fabric bracelet on the other.

Delicate Layered Sterling Silver Bracelets

Crafted by skilled artisans using 925 sterling silver, the sultry and classy bracelets come in many designs, textures, and shapes to choose from. Feminine and effortlessly alluring, the bracelets create an edgy statement.

Each piece has a stunning finish that captures the brilliance and shine of silver. Perfect for gifting, these stylish bracelets are an excellent choice for a special event this summer.

Thin, Delicate Cuffs and Friendship Bracelets

Thin, delicate cuffs, with their petite, minimalist designs, are making a statement seen everywhere. But instead of the traditional metal and color, statement pieces are gaining traction in a bolder impact with bright colors like turquoise, yellow, and purple. Combined with sparkling stones, these pieces look stunning when stacked together, creating a unique and lovely look.

In addition, friendship bracelets are coming in strong, offering a sense of nostalgia and a trendy jewelry statement when paired with a basic ensemble.

Colorful Beads, Shells, Wooden Beads, and Beaded Macramé

Not only are they stylish, but they are also comfortable and fun to wear. The bright colors, unique shapes, and sizes of these fashionable items make them perfect to mix and match.

The colorful beads, shells, and wooden beads give off a boho and beach vibe when layered together. Additionally, wearing a beaded macramé as a bracelet will complete any outfit. 

Try These Trendy Bracelets for the Summer of 2023

Wearing jewelry like a trendy bracelet is the perfect way to accessorize your outfit this summer. Opt for charm, pearl, layered sterling silver, cuffs, and friendship bracelets. Also, go for colorful beads, shells, wooden beads, and beaded macramé.

Whether you’re looking for something modern, or a more classic look, you will find the perfect trendy bracelets within this guide. Try something new today and accessorize in style!

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