Is there anything worse than buying jewelry, only to find that it turns your skin green after an hour of wear? Talk about a waste of money!

Instead of buying cheap jewelry that will break after one or two wears, you should invest in well-made pieces that stand the test of time. However, filling your jewelry box with quality accessories is no easy task.

If you’re not sure how to buy jewelry, keep reading for some of the top tips to help you find your new favorite piece.

1. Plan Your Budget Before Shopping

Before you start shopping, you’ll want to set a budget. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a necklace, only to find out it’s an exuberant amount of money.

Deciding how much you’re willing to spend before looking at pieces is crucial. This step also helps you narrow down your selection, so you aren’t overwhelmed when trying to choose.

Researching the average price of the different kinds of jewelry you’re interested in can help you know if you’re getting a good deal. For example, if you want a diamond ring, research the carats to see the typical prices.

2. Know Your Sizes

Another tip before you head out to buy jewelry is to know what sizes you need. This helps cut down on trying different pieces. If you’re buying it as a gift, you should ensure that the jewelry can be resized or exchanged if necessary.

This tip is essential if you plan on buying jewelry online. As you can’t try on things from the internet, knowing your ring and bracelet size is crucial. Always check the size chart, as some stores may have different sizing measurements.

You’ll also want to pay attention to necklace length when buying in-store or online. Have a general idea as to where the pendant of the necklace would fall on your chest. The most standard length for a chain is 18 inches, for reference.

3. Find a Reputable Seller

When you want to buy quality pieces, finding great locations is essential. After all, a shady seller may scam you, while buying online runs the risk of your product looking different from what you purchased online.

You can also read the online reviews for different stores you’re considering shopping at. These provide insight into the quality of the jewelry, how helpful the associates at the store are, and the overall professionalism of the store.

Buying Jewelry, Made Simple

Though silver or gold jewelry can be a sizable investment, it’s worth the money! Instead of cycling through cheap pieces, you’ll have accessories that will last in your collection forever.

Remember, it’s essential to properly care for your piecesRemember, it’s essential to properly care for your pieces after buying jewelry from This helps elongate the piece’s lifespan and prevents it from becoming dingy.

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