Copywriting is the professional activity that consists in planning and drafting texts designed for the Web. This means that the written content must be able to tell the brand, to speak to the user, to conquer Google and to reach a precise and concrete goal.

 An activity, therefore, which begins with a strategic and clear communication project and which uses all the techniques of SEO Copywriting, writing, Storytelling and marketing to write optimized contents for the Net.

Web writing

Writing for the web requires a preliminary phase of analysis (of the target, of the sector, of the brand). Continues with the planning of a communication strategy. Then with the drafting of the text, integrating techniques and creativity. And ends with a new phase of analysis of the results. Writing for the Web is characterized by a peculiarity that is as fascinating as it is complex to deal with, namely the fact that the same text. At the same time, must:

·         Be optimized for conversion, i.e. it must be able to attract the user, to involve him and, finally, to convince him to act.

·         Be optimized to position itself on search engines, that is, it must use the essential SEO Copywriting techniques to conquer Google;

·         Be optimized to tell the brand , to involve the user in his world, to represent his identity and image in a unique, characteristic and distinctive way;

·         Be optimized to inform and engage.

Writing text for the web: what it means

Writing a text for the web is an endless journey. A continuous wandering between well-known places and the discovery of new destinations. It is one of those trips, backpacking full of awareness. You have to decide you want to live. To decide. Because writing for the Web, I assure you, is much more than a simple succession of fast and incessant typing on the exhausted keys of a keyboard. It is also this, in truth.

But, first of all, web writing is a profession that combines the love for writing with that for communication, the desire to know each other, discover oneself and investigate oneself with that of knowing, discovering and investigating (the target, the context, the tool, the brand).

White space plays its role (well)

When used with awareness, white space plays a fundamental role in the reading process. Because it organizes and highlights the content and provides indications. On which information the reader needs to focus his attention and why he is able to breathe by creating a pause. Whether his task is the first, the second or both. Choosing if and when to use white space in web writing is fundamental because it favors the readability and understanding of the text.

A new relationship with punctuation

On the Web, text speaks not only through words but also through arrangement, form and images. And punctuation is also involved in this new dynamic of reading and writing. Thus, for example, sentences become shorter and more direct and points abound. Bulleted lists are also favorite, excellent for organizing content. Capital letters are used in rare and exceptional cases and the abuse of exclamation marks must be avoided. The comma is a versatile punctuation mark, which you must know how to do well. Do not exceed in its use and, remember, never the comma between subject and verb.

No to technical or sector-approved languages

The specialized fields are often full of conventional expressions, meaningless and redundant. And of technicalities that are sometimes incomprehensible to those who read and listen. Think of expressions as the project aims to. The company has initiated the activity in question, skills and expertise are our strengths and the classic star-monotonous market leader. Why? Why make it so difficult to understand our message? The task of web writing is to simplify the life of the reader.

Play with the rhythm of the text

Knowing how to write a text for the Web requires, among others, a very important skill. Giving the text the right rhythm in relation to the content you want to communicate. The emotions you want to arouse. The rhythm of the text, in fact, has three fundamental functions:

·         Helps understanding the message.

·         Encourages reading and entertains.

·         It helps to fully involve the reader in the text-adventure he is reading-experiencing.

Prefer concrete and everyday words

In copywriting it is essential to choose concrete words. Which immediately evoke that precise concept in the reader’s memory. And words of daily use, easily readable and understandable.

For two fundamental reasons:

·         It will be easier for you to get your message across to readers on the other side of the screen;

·         Concrete and everyday words are the words your readers-customers use on search engines when they type their queries (requests).

·         In short, by using them you will bring home a double advantage: they help you to be found and they help you to make yourself understood.

Do not separate subject, verb and object complement?

Italian grammar, but also common sense, require that the subject, verb and object complement within a sentence are not separated. In such a way as to favor clarity and understanding of the text. Reading in web writing must be easy, immediate and fast and it is also for this reason that writing for the Web means preferring a simple and usual syntax.

 Online Copywriting

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