If you’re considering moving to Chicago or simply relocating to the suburbs, one of your top priorities should be selecting the best school.

Far too many public schools in Illinois have failed to meet expectations. As a result, many parents have turned to private elementary schools in Chicago that offer an alternative to public education.

The best private elementary schools in Chicago are not easy to find. However, if you do your research, you should be able to identify a few schools that can meet the needs of your child.

Academy Of St. Benedict The African

The Academy of St. Benedict the African is one of the best private elementary schools in Chicago. St. Benedict offers an individualized learning environment that focuses on creating leaders within their student population.

With a diverse student body that includes students from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds, the school maintains a supportive and affirming atmosphere.

The teachers are highly engaged in the education of each student and partner with families. This is to ensure that all students reach their highest potential. St. Benedict is progressive in the use of technology and 21st-century learning techniques. This allows students to develop the skills needed to compete in a competitive global economy.

With a robust athletics program and fine and performing arts, St. Benedict provides a holistic learning experience. This sets its graduating students up for success in their future endeavors.

Latin School of Chicago

The Latin School of Chicago is a prestigious private school situated in the heart of Chicago. It is known for the following:

  • outstanding academic curriculum
  • diversity in the student body
  • dedication to helping students excel

Founded in 1888, it is the oldest independent day school in the United States. The school offers an impressive range of course offerings, including the following:

  • music
  • theater
  • visual arts
  • foreign language
  • physical education

The faculty is composed of experienced and highly qualified professionals who possess expertise in their respective fields. In addition, the school puts emphasis on focusing on the creative, emotional, and physical learning of each student, enabling them to reach their full potential.

From stellar academics to varied extracurricular activities, the Latin School of Chicago is an ideal school destination for young ones who are serious about learning.

Chicago Jesuit Academy

Chicago Jesuit Academy is one of the best private elementary schools in Chicago. It provides an excellent education for students in grades K-8, and the rigorous curriculum helps them reach their full potential.

They focus on making sure their students are fully engaged in learning and are given an opportunity to explore their interests. The school also prominently features its faith-based values, with a focus on promoting positive character development in the students.

The strong academic foundation the school provides, combined with its hands-on approach to learning, gives students the best chance of succeeding in the future. CJA also provides student support services such as counseling, after-school activities, and health services.

Their commitment to their students and families is unparalleled. CJA encourages students to get involved in the community and become well-rounded citizens. It’s a wonderful place for students who would benefit from a well-rounded education.

Primrose School of Winfield

Located in Winfield, IL, this school offers a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for students to learn and grow. Primrose integrates both academics and character development in their customized learning plans, meaning each student can learn at their own level without feeling overwhelmed. They have excellent teachers and staff who help to create a positive school culture.

The school offers plenty of extracurricular activities as well, providing students the opportunity to get involved, build relationships, and explore their interests. Primrose even has a modern library full of resource materials.

The school provides generous financial aid, ensuring students of all economic backgrounds have the chance to attend and benefit from the experience. Primrose School of Winfield is an ideal choice for private school education in the Chicago area.

North Shore Country Day

Chicago North Shore Country Day School is one of the best private elementary schools in the area, offering students a high-quality education that is designed to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

The school offers a rigorous academic program that features a curriculum full of critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving practices. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to explore, including fine arts, music, drama, athletics, and more.

With teachers who are passionate about teaching and familiar with developing curricula that allow student success, students can feel supported and encouraged in their growth and exploration.

With outstanding educational programs and a supportive learning environment, the Chicago North Shore Country Day School is a great place for families to consider their child’s education.

Catherine Cook School

Catherine Cook School is one of the best private elementary schools in Chicago. It is a Pre-K through 8th-grade independent school with an emphasis on innovation, global citizenship, collaboration, and environmental sustainability.

The school focuses on developing the whole child and boasts a rigorous academic program that is balanced with athletics, visual arts, and field trips. Students have the opportunity to explore their interests and pursue their passions.

Located in the heart of the city, the school provides a safe and nurturing school environment for children while helping them to develop a better understanding of the world around them. The school has a strong committed staff, a small class size, and a commitment to helping all learners reach their full potential.

Roycemore School

Roycemore School is considered one of the best private elementary schools in Chicago. Established in 1914, the school has been offering quality education for over 100 years. With a mission to create a learning community that encourages intellectual curiosity and personal growth, Roycemore is dedicated to the holistic development of each child.

The school’s small class size, diverse student body, and commitment to developing strong relationships with parents, teachers, and students make Roycemore an ideal learning environment.

Students are provided with specialized instruction in areas such as literacy, mathematics, science, and technology, as well as enrichment opportunities in foreign languages, art, and music. Check these private school marketing strategies to know which school options is right for your child.

Learn More About Best Private Elementary Schools In Chicago

The best private elementary schools in Chicago are clear. With great approaches to academics, technology, and the arts, they provide a well-rounded learning environment for students of all ages.

However, it is important to visit the school and learn more about its offerings before making any decisions. Don’t wait – take a tour today to find the best fit for your family!

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