There are some people who have made names for themselves globally, in the international community, who do not need an introduction. Their names simply ring a bell whenever they are mentioned, because they have been mentioned on the news several times, and Yulanda Simon is one of them.

Yulanda Simon has been in the news lately, and it is difficult for her to totally avoid the paparazzi because of her social status.

But Yulanda Simon did not just shoot to the limelight like that without a catalyst. She became a celebrity, when she got married to the renowned actor, writer, producer and public speaker, Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

Miguel is a popular actor known for The Family Business (2018), Scooby-Doo (2002) and Nashville (2012). Although married to actor Miguel, she still keeps her private life very much private.


Yulanda Simon was born in 1970 in the United States of America, making her 53 years in 2023. She is of mixed heritage, an afro American to be precise. And she has an American passport. However, information about her parents and tentative siblings cannot be found at the moment, because that aspect of her life is private.


Yulanda Simon does not share much of her life with the general public, but that doesn’t take out a thing from her popularity, although people say she’s only popular because of her marriage to her celebrity husband.

She has not yet disclosed anything about her education and net worth to the public. No one knows the schools she attended, or her family members before marriage. She is determined to keep that part of her life really private till she’s comfortable with making it public.

Though no one really knows the exact amount she makes, one thing is certain; she loves the good life. She loves luxury, and that is why she wears only luxury outfits and enjoy a luxurious life.

Also, no one is certain of her exact career, because her professional background is also unknown.

Though Simon’s net worth is unknown, her husband is estimated to have a net worth of about one million dollars, with films being his major source of income. He is a hard working, capable and professional man who has a lot over than one hundred acting credits and projects to his name.


Yulanda Simon is 5feet 5inches tall.


Like I said earlier, Yulanda Simon is married to one of the most renowned and talented American actors, Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

They got married in the year 1994, after dating for a very long time. No one knows how the loving relationship started, where they met, or who initiated the first conversation. But it is a no brainer that they are in a very peaceful and loving marriage which has really stood the test of time.

It is not easy to be married for twenty nine years and still maintain the spark and fire that burned when the relationship was in its formative stage. But because of how true their love is, and how deep they understand the responsibility of commitment, they are able to stay together through thick and thin. There has not been any known big quarrel in their marriage, as it is speculated to be peaceful.

Their marriage is blessed with two adorable daughters, Mia Núñez and Micole Núñez. Mia Núñez is the older sibling of the family. She was born in 1995. Which means she is currently twenty eight years in the year 2023.

The younger daughter is Micole Núñez. She was born in 1999, which means she’s now twenty four years old in the year 2023.

Both daughters are loved dearly by their parents, and even though they like living the low key, private lives, albeit being celebrities, they still share cute pictures of themselves on social media, once in a while.


Born on the nineteenth day of October 1961, Miguel A. Núñez Jr. hails from the United States of America. He is currently sixty two years in the year 2023. He was born in New York city into a family of nine children. He soon moved to North Carolina with his family, where he lived a greater part of his life, and completed his high school.

He would excel in his studies and move to Los Angeles to become an actor. But good things they say do not come easy, and so Miguel’s career would not kick off immediately. He would wait for another five years, before he would be able to land a major movie role.

Some of his notable movies/TV shows are

1. Juwanna Mann (2002): He acted as Jamal Jefferies.

2. Life (1999): He acted as Biscuit.

3. Tour of duty(1987): He acted as Marcus Taylor.

4. A thin line between love and hate(1996): He acted as Reggie.

5. Kickin’ it old skool(2007): He acted as Darrell

6. Family Business(2018): He acted as Harris Grant.

7. Sparks(1996-1998): He acted as Maxey Sparks.

8. Tarzan(2003): He acted as Det. Sam Sullivan.

9. Why do fools fall in love(1998): He acted as Young, little Richard.

10. Leprechaun 4: In Space(1997): He acted as Sticks.


From every information gathered about Yulanda Simon, it can be inferred that she’s not really the type to post about her life on social media platforms. Because she’s a lover of her privacy. And due to the fact she married a celebrity, people are now nosy about her life and she finds this uncomfortable.

However, she is living happily with the man she married twenty nine years ago, after dating for so many years.

She is also a sophisticated woman who wears luxurious clothes and jewelries from designer shops. She carries herself so well, and tries so hard in striking a balance between her private life and her life as a celebrity.

This is because she has not always been a celebrity. She was just a regular, Afro American woman before she shot into the limelight.