Some women throughout history have been regarded as symbols of dignity and success. They sent a powerful message to the entire world that a lady can take over the world with hard work and dedication, and Stormy Wellington stands on the top of the list. Stormy Wellington faced difficult times of life with courage tried hard to become what she is today. She aims to empower today’s women by establishing an organization named Girl Hold My Hand inc. The organization works on Stormy’s vision of making girls more powerful and love themselves. 

Concerning About family and age:

The daughter of Marlene Anita tells the world that someone’s background does not determine success. Stormy Wellington’s mother was a drug dealer who had not enough time for her to earn illegally, so her childhood was full of miseries and hardships. She always looked up to her mother as a role model despite her profession.

The girl was born on February 21, 1980, in the city of New York. Her zodiac sign is Pisces according to birth date. She turns 41 years old in 2021. She has not revealed detailed information about her father’s name and family background on social media.

She was brought up in Florida with limited resources along with her brothers Bobby Wellington and Samuel Wellington. Although she has not discussed her father on social media, she often recalls him as a source of inspiration in her life. Her father was the only person who stood with her through thick and thin of life.

She started her career with a very low-paid job but kept the dreams alive in her heart. 

Education and Career:

Stormy Willington, a successful wealth coach, dropped out of school after becoming a teenage mother. She is now a multi-millionaire whose child hood was full of miseries and worries. To suit her desires, she became a stripper at the age of 14. She opened a boutique, but everything crashed. She believed she could accomplish much more after three years of exotic work and chose to go from New York to Atlanta with $135 to alter her life, where she began working for a collection agency. 

She became the first millionaire of the Armature Millionaire’s club after a year of struggle. She was paid $0.25 more per hour after a tremendous achievement, but she believed she had more potential.

Wellington realized that she was good in network marketing, then she joined Total Life Changes, LLC and started strengthening people. In her interview, she said that she enjoyed the success of her clients and their success stories give her more strength and happiness. In 2015 she was voted the No.1 Female Network Marketer of the world.

What is Stormy Wellington’s Net worth?

She is well known as a businesswoman who has amassed a sizeable fortune in the entertainment industry. She helps women across the globe and embrace them. Stormy Wellington is serving as the CEO of network marketing company Total Life Changes, LLC. Her financial self-help book The Quiet Storm also helped her earn a lot of fame and money. She has not revealed her earning.  

As per some sources, her net worth is around $3 million. She is earning from her published book as well as working with several organizations. She is ranked as the top entrepreneur in the world. Her total assets and worth are kept hidden, but she is known as the wealthiest entrepreneur of New York.

Stormy Wellington’s Husband: Who is He?

Everyone is curious about her personal life. She had many troubles in her personal life despite being a wealthy businesswoman. Her admirers are curious about her marriage, and the truth is clear: she dated three men in her life. She was first in the relationship with Deandre Pearson, with whom he had a child named Hennessey Pearson at the age of 22. After few years, the relationship ended, and she dated another man. 

With her second marriage, she gave birth to a second child girl named Maniya, owner of the online business, Pure Essence. Unfortunately, this romance ended by a business Tycoon lady. She had hoped to have a deep relationship with her spouse, but fate had other plans. She never went into the details about her love and married life, but she was undoubtedly depressed throughout this time in her life. 

On December 29 2012, she married Darryl jones, an American bass musician, for the third time. She gave birth to her third child named Darryl Jones Jr from this marriage. However, God has the same plan for Stormy this time. The relationship terminated after some years, but the cause for the breakup never revealed on media.

The ordinary heightened and black-eyed girl endured difficulty in her love life, but she did not give up. She bravely overcame all of life’s challenges and battled fate to achieve success. She currently takes care of his youngest son but frequently visits the other two children.


She has written several books; she wrote about her journey from dancer to millionaire in The Quiet Storm. She received TLC Visionary Award in New Orleans for her vision of helping people. She is known as the most famous entrepreneur in New York. Currently, she is the CEO of two women empowering organizations.

Wellington is at the pinnacle of its success, and its dedication goes to repairing people’s lives. She is advising the families on how to increase their income from 5 to 6-7 digits. 

Her company sells nutritional supplements as well as clothing. She is preparing ladies to labor for the rest of their lives to gain fame and fortune. In her first year of the company, she assisted over thirty families in earning $50000.

She travels the world, providing training and coaching. She is currently the mother of three children, one of whom runs a successful ecommerce firm. She conveys the notion that you can shine on the surface of the sky after fighting adversity with courage, and she inspires people to overcome their difficulties.