Jacqueline Luesby is a popular figure from the United Kingdom. She is professionally known as a lawyer but is most famous for being the mother of female celebrity movie star, Emma Watson.


Born somewhere in the United Kingdom in 1958 to parents, Colin Watson and Greta M. Dickson, Jacqueline Luesby is a publicly known as being a lawyer and the mother of celebrity actress, Emma Watson who stepped into the limelight from an early age, having starred as Hermione Granger in the popular TV series, Harry Porter. Her father, Colin Luesby was born in 1927 and her mother, Greta M. Dickson, in 1932. Despite being the mother of such a popular figure as Emma Watson, Jacqueline Luesby has most of her life surrounded by a cloud of mystery. There is no available records as to which hospital or city in the United Kingdom she was born and virtually no records of her birth date and month of birth. There are also no records whatever of how she spent her early life as the celebrity mother doesn’t fancy media attentions and paparazzi. Her zodiac sign is unknown due to the mystery surrounding her birth.


While there are no records of her birthplace and the day/month of her birth, it is publicly known that as the time of writing and publication of this article (December 2021), Jacqueline Luesby is sixty three (63) years of age having been born in 1958.


There are no published records of Jacqueline Luesby’s educational history but fair assumptions could be made. Having worked sometime in a firm’s tax department and as a senior manager in another, it could be safely assumed that she initially studied something related to Public Administration/Business Management. However, her career as a lawyer most suggests that she must have studied Law. It could also be assumed that all of her educational achievements were made in the United Kingdom but nothing can be said in fact as there are no published school records or academic qualifications/achievements.


Jacqueline Luesby is publicly known professionally as being a lawyer. As a lawyer, she is known to have worked with Morgan Cole Firm. Outside of the law field, she has been engaged in other professions, working in the tax department of a Paris based firm, Ernst & Young, and as a senior manager in a financial services firm, Smith & Williamson. Her career records could serve as a reference for her educational record, however just an assumption. Also, there are no available records of her duration of service with each of the firms she is known to have served and it is also unknown if she’d gotten a job exclusive of the three.


Jacqueline is currently married to her present partner, Jonathan Taylor, whom she is with after divorcing her ex-husband, Chris Watson in 1995. Despite the divorce between her and her former husband, it is believed that they still have a healthy relationship with Chris even believed to have always visited her and their two children during weekends after the divorce.


Mother, wife and ex-wife, Jacqueline Luesby was born to her parents, Colin Luesby and Greta M. Dickson and there are no known records of the size of the family. It is not known if she had any siblings while growing up. Her marital life isn’t much of a secret though. She got married to Chris Watson, an attorney and founder of CMS Technology, and together they had two children; a daughter and celebrity TV show/actress, Emma Watson in 1990 and her brother, Alexander Watson, two years later in 1992. It was a happy family of four until three years after the birth of Alex when for unknown reasons, the attorney couple separated. Prior to the divorce, the family was known to reside in Maisons-Lafitte but with the divorce, Jacqueline Luesby moved to Oxfordshire with their two children. The divorce didn’t mean the end of their relationship as a family as Jacqueline and Chris still maintained a healthy relationship, with Chris being known to visit the family during weekends. The separated couple got married to different partners with Chris getting married to Julia Watson, with whom he has three children; a son, Toby, born in 2003 and a set of twin daughters, Nina and Lucy born a year later in 2004. Jacqueline on the other hand, got married to Jonathan Taylor, with whom she has two sons; Andrew and David Taylor.


Jacqueline Luesby is an adorable, loving and caring mother to all of her children. She has often been pictured in formal events and having casual walks down the streets of London, most often with her celebrity daughter, Emma Watson. It is also believed that she was the brains behind her daughter, Emma Watson getting into the spotlight as a movie star at such an early age. Also, her children almost have no incriminating records to their names, which is clear evidence of proper parenting.


There is only limited information about her body measurements but available records state that she stands at a height of 5ft4 inches and weighs 55kg. Her hair is brown color and matches the color of her eyes. Coming from a white ethnic background, she is a natural white with a fair complexion.


Born in the United Kingdom where the most commonly practiced religion is Christianity, it is somewhat natural that Jacqueline is a Christian.


The conservative Jacqueline has no record of any social media handle and is most careful about being tagged by paparazzi.


While Jacqueline Luesby’s celebrity daughter, Emma Watson is believed to be worth in excess of seventy million US dollars ($70m), Jacqueline Luesby herself is more conservative of her true net worth. She is believed to have made much of her life fortunes from her law career and it is assumed that her net worth is estimated to be in the region of five hundred thousand dollars ($500k).

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