Diana Lasso is a well known Columbian singer and musician. Her divorce from her husband Wayne Brady catapulted her into the limelight. She rose to fame because of her husband, as he was a popular American comedian. She has kept her early childhood development private, but it is for sure that she is raised in a country.

Diana Lasso formerly worked at Beau Vigne as a director for hospitality. She also worked as a curator at Darioush Winery. After leaving her job from the Darioush company, she worked as national state ambassador in Palmaz Vineyards. She was always a struggling and competing women through her dedication and hard work.

Diana Lasso Family:

Diana Lasso was brought up by father Carlos A Lasso and mother Inez Lasso. But her parents get divorced, and her father died after a few time. She has two sisters who pass by the name Julie Ann Lasso and Elena Everett. All the sisters share a special bond with each other. Lasso lives in Colombia after her divorce. Ann live in London, while Elena resides in Maryland.

Diana Lasso, Early Childhood Development and Education:

Lasso was brought into the world in Colombia on March 4, 1975, and raised there. She hasn’t uncovered much with regard to her family, including her parents and siblings. She also prefers not to discuss them in public. Not only that, but she is 46 years of age and a lady of normal height. Furthermore, she was raised by her parents in Colombia, however has not unveiled anything about her family.

She has a place with Colombian nationality and Latin identity. Lasso proceeded to get her schooling from neighborhood from best schools in her region. Shockingly, anything in regard to her high level schooling stays inaccessible right now

Diana Lasso Career:

She is an artist and an extraordinary singer. However, shockingly, she didn’t come in spotlight because of her singing. The artist got all the distinction after her separation from Wayne Brady. After her separation, she continued to battle and delivering more music. Her music was popular in her area, Colombia. Her popular song was Esta Noche No. She was very well in singing and songwriting, yet her talent was restricted only to national level.

Diana Lasso Marriage:

Lasso and Brady met each other back in the last part of the 80s to mid 90s and started dating one another. Their relationship developed gradually, which gave both Diana and Wayne sufficient opportunity to ponder where they want their relationship to be. Both were really euphoric when Brady proposed to Diana and requested that she wed him. Diana Lasso tied her wedding knot with Wayne Brady on 31st December 1993.

Wayne is an American comedian, actor and much popular in the world. They give birth to a baby girl named Maile Masako Brady. They were living peacefully but unfortunately couldn’t make up and parted their ways on 21st September, 1995. Lack of commitment and Wayne having some clinical depression were the causes of their separation.

Wayne Brady rose to heights of fame after his show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. After continuous fame, he named his show “The Wayne Brady Show” which took him to more heights of success. Wayne Brady is an amazing actor, comedian, game show host, singer, presenter and much more. He has got an amazing boost in his life career after The Wayne Brady show. He also received 4 Daytime Emmy Awards for his two consecutive seasons of The Wayne Brady show.

Diana Lasso Life After Divorce:

Things keep on changing and never goes the way we want. Diana face challenging situations after her divorce. She also went into depression. The singer was famous because of her ex-husband, Wayne Brady. But after her separation from her husband, she didn’t lose heart and went back to her country, Colombia. She is still one of the successful singers in Columbia.

After her divorce, she started more concentrating on her career due to her passion for music. Some days after separation, her condition was not well, and she was completely depressed. But as the time passed and due to self motivation, she was easily managed to get rid of depression.

Then she started focusing on her career. Lasso also talked about her life after divorce on a YouTube interview. She said that it was not comfortable and easy for her to live alone, as she faced many problems at that time. But the only hope that was kept her going was her passion for singing. Now she has devoted to grow mentally and spiritually.

The singer also own a YouTube channel. Now, she continuously documents her life journeys and career opportunities after divorce in her YouTube videos. Her famous song Esta Noche No is also a masterpiece of her singing. She also promotes her singing and music on various radio stations. Hence, she never gave up and continuously try to battle all the depressions and shortcomings in her life. Now she is living peacefully in Colombia with strengthening her singing skills.

Diana Lasso Net Worth:

Because of her secretive nature, it has been difficult to assemble more information about her daily routine and activities. She is a Colombian vocalist but is not much famous around the world. Considering the net worth of Diana Lasso, her assets remain at $1 million. This net worth is entirely from her singing career. She also started live shows in Colombia, which helped her gain much traffic. It is expected that her net money will increase in coming days. This is because she is a good singer yet not much famous. This net worth of $1 million is apart from the amount of diverse settlement agreement.

She has acquired a nice fortune for a long time. She is a capable woman and may never be powerless in any part of life. Furthermore, she can whenever renew her career by following her enthusiasm for singing and making new collections. Her total assets will surely accept a lift as she turns into a more well known singer in the world for her delightful melodies.