Whether you run a direct-to-consumer shop or just have a landing page for your restaurant, it is important to have a website as a business tool. Once you have a website you can focus on expanding your business and consistently updating your web design to reflect your growth.

In some business models, your website is your business. In those cases an investment in web development is crucial. Below we’ll share five reasons you must have a company site.

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It is a billion-dollar industry that businesses spend millions hiring marketing experts to figure out. Why?

Strong SEO means that your website shows up first in search results. Nobody makes it past the first page of search results. Strong SEO increases your website’s chances of appearing first and being seen.

Unlike instant ads, SEO takes months and years to build. Searchbots index the pages and text on your website and eventually all the visible and hidden website text of years and months past will boost your website rankings


SEO is more long-term, while discovery is short-term. A business site is an easy way for people to find you. Include your website link across all of your social channels for boosted visibility.

You can also add your website to your e-mail signature. If you run a business with a brick-and-mortar shop, it is essential that your website includes an address and contact info. When people search for activities in your region, food, shopping, entertainment, or lodging, your website will appear based on their IP address.

Data Collection

You can build out an e-mail subscriber list, or you can collect cell phone numbers.

Collecting this data digitally through a website enables you to build your online community. With this information, you can share the news of events, new product launches, and giveaway contests via e-mail, text, or even a newsletter.

With a website you can use the insightful business tool, Google Analytics, to understand the demographics of your audience. This information can guide you in opening your next shop or the risks of selling online. 


A website is the face of your brand. Use it to explain your business to potential clients, investors, or partners. If technology isn’t your forte, hire a website management team to build one out for you.

Remove Friction

Think of friction as the obstacles or the FAQs for a consumer to complete a transaction. The more information they can gather quickly and easily, the more likely they are to make a decision. 

For example, a local hair salon with a website listing services and prices will have less time wasted answering questions of confused customers. Eventually, you can move aspects of your store online, like selling hair products to your website, and reach larger audiences.

The Ultimate Business Tool

A website is a non-negotiable business tool in today’s world. Everything is going digital.

Even if you run an in-person shop, a website can build brand awareness and bring more people to your shop. You can also leverage your website to better understand who’s noticing your brand.

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