When you first enter the business world, you face a whole new kind of culture with its own norms and expectations. Some of those norms and expectations include things like formal professional development. You will also face less formal expectations, like getting a grip on business networking.

For the outgoing young business professional, that’s often a byproduct of regular socializing. For the more introverted people entering into business, it becomes something of a learned skill. Making matters more complicated, it’s a skill that evolves with changes in culture and technology.

So, what are the basics of business networking in 2022? Keep reading for some key insights.

Business Networking Events

In any city and even in a lot of decent-sized towns, you can find business networking events going on almost any weekend of the year. These events often focus on particular related types of businesses or on specific demographics, like under-30 networking events.

These are excellent opportunities to connect with local businessmen or businesswomen in similar fields or circumstances. Make sure you take a stack of business cards and exchange them with people you meet. While you probably won’t make any deals, you can start developing valuable relationships.

Pro Tip: Include the URL for a business-related social media profile on your business card.

Business Networking Groups

Business networking groups work a little differently than networking events. Networking events focus on making personal contact with other businesspeople of your own age or industry. They also let you develop a basic rapport.

Business networking groups focus less on the personal and more on the informational. You would use a business networking group if you wanted a list of names of people who, for example, provide business blog writing services.

You might also use business networking groups to look for candidates for a position you prefer not to advertise widely.

Networking in the Online Age

Networking in the age of social media and remote work has also changed the game a bit from a hard-core old boys club. Now, you can find online business working groups.

Services like Macrovo let you develop connections with business peers and even establish yourself as something of an expert without ever meeting anyone face-to-face.

You will, however, need to curate your contacts on those sites carefully to use them for useful business networking purposes.

Business Networking in 2022

In some ways, business networking in 2022 is the same as it’s always been. You go out and find people in similar industries and positions and cultivate working relationships with them. You can do that through networking events and online sites.

You can also use business networking groups for more informational purposes, such as finding candidates or qualified service providers related to your industry.

The key to successful networking is mutual benefit. Both sides must get something from the relationship.

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