Tourism accounted for almost 7% of Greece’s economy in 2017 — beating out many other industries. Ask anyone who visited Greece and it’s easy to see why. The country is rich in history and offers visitors a chance to see things they never imagined.

But when is the best time of year to visit Greece? Figuring that out is hard when the COVID-19 pandemic continues disrupting travel plans. And as the world continues to reel from political and pandemic-related challenges, tourists may wonder if they should go to Greece.

But traveling to the country is definitely worthwhile. Keep reading below to learn why, and how to plan the perfect trip to Greece!

A Good Trip to Greece Starts in Late Summer

Greece is a Mediterranean country with warm and humid climates that many people long for. Many travelers dream about relaxing on the shores of Ithaca or Rhodes. They want to experience the tropical lives and gentle breezes that inspired some of the most significant events in all of history.

For that, it’s best to visit in the late summer when travel is starting to die down, but the sun is still out. During this time, the heat is less brutal compared to the peak of summer. Many of the tourist experiences are still running in the late summer too, giving people a last chance to have fun in Greece before they close for the season.

During the late summer, visitors will still be able to explore the groves that make Greek wine. They will also be able to explore the bustling cities, dating back millennia.

Think About Travel Times and Safety

It’s important to think about how long you will need to travel before you take your first step in Greece. If you’re flying from the U.S. make sure you find a comfortable flight since you’ll be on it for a while. There are some services that handle all the travel booking you need, and you can learn more about them online.

It’s also important that you stay updated on current events in Greece before heading out. If the number of COVID-19 cases starts spiking in the country, your travel plans could be in jeopardy. The same could happen if political turmoil spills into the country.

It’s best to set a specific date for when you want to be in Greece, then watch the news before heading out. In the days leading up to your trip, keep an eye on the country’s reports. Then, as you approach the day of your flight, make a final decision about whether to go or not.

Find Things to Do In Greece

A lot of Greece’s economy is based on tourism since people around the world want to explore the legendary country. It is the cradle of western democracy and laid the blueprints for how most of our world works today. With all that history, it’s easy to find stuff to do there.

You can explore the ancient ruins of cities lost to time, like the Acropolis. You can also explore the country’s natural splendor, snapping gorgeous photos of crystal-clear water and lush vegetation.

When is The Best Time of Year to Visit Greece?

The best time of year to visit Greece is when it’s comfortable for you to do so, and it’s the safest to travel. That time can be different for everyone, but it’s usually sometime in the late summer. This is the time when people can find the most tourism opportunities while facing relatively few travel issues.

Of course, there are also more steps to prepare for a trip to Greece. To learn more about how to get ready for your next vacation, just keep reading the articles on our website!