The thought of a vacation somewhere exotic is guaranteed to captivate most people. The thought of tropical weather, friendly locals, incredible cuisine, and stunning sights can soon have the imagination racing. That’s what awaits the millions who decide to head to southern Thailand each year.

Upon arrival, there are so many activities awaiting, as well as the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty. Some may choose local cooking classes or shopping at the many markets, while others may wish to explore the crystal-clear waters in that part of the world. There’s no better way of doing that than enjoying Phang Nga Bay sea cave canoeing, which will create memories to last a lifetime.

  • There are toursby canoe offered day and night, with the one in daylight hours naturally offering more opportunities to see things and take some amazing photos which will be the envy of friends back home.The glorious sights and attractions can be enjoyed under stunning skies as the tour gets into places larger vessels can’t negotiate.
  • The tours have gained an expansive reputation for their levels of professionalism as knowledgeable and experienced guides lead the way. The highest standards are maintained to provide a perfect experience which includes delicious food and beverages which are provided with the outing. The thoughts of how to insulate a roof for winter can be put to one side by those enjoying the incredible experience.
  • The tours are customer friendly, as anyone staying in Phuket can be collected from their accommodation and driven to the well-equipped support boat where the fun begins. Before long the amazing waters of Phang Nga Bay openout and offer incredible views. The founder of the tour company discovered hidden caves and lagoons himself 30 years ago. Those aboard will get to see them for themselves. These natural wonders of the world are not seen by everyone and can be savoured as well as captured in photo or video.
  • The limestone cliffs provide a sensational setting as the tour also takes in Khao Ta Pu, one of the most famous rocks in history. James Bond fans will be in their element, as this was Scaramanga’s secret lair as seen by millions of movie lovers over the years as they watch The Man with the Golden Gun. The Thai buffet lunch that follows on the support boat, simply adding to the occasion which customer reviews rate very highly. Perhaps it could be complemented by dinner at an exclusive marina when back on the mainland.
  • The cave tour offers opportunities to those who wish to swim solo and explore further as nature awaits. On the way back to Phuket, fresh fruit will be served as guests can relax and enjoy their tales of their guided island hop together.

Anyone wishing to discover incredible scenery and nature which many tourists don’t get to see on their stay in Phuket should head out to Phang Nga Bay with the professionals and experienced tour team and collect memories to last a lifetime.