Suppose you’re considering a move to Michigan, the Great Lake State offers many fantastic opportunities and experiences. But knowing what you’re signing up for is good before you pick up your bags.

Michigan offers city life, fast-growing communities, and an exciting history. It has opportunities for nature lovers, sports fanatics, and art connoisseurs. But as with all places, there are a few issues to consider before moving to Michigan.

To help you make a successful transition, we’ve prepared a guide full of things to consider before living in Michigan. Read on to discover why Michigan is the great state that it is.

1. Cost of Living

Before moving to Michigan, it’s vital to consider the cost of living. Generally speaking, expenses related to housing, groceries, transportation, and utility bills are slightly higher in Michigan than the national average. The median home value in Michigan is about $145,800, compared to the national average of $184,700.

Similarly, the median cost of groceries is 109.8% of the national average. Additionally, average gas prices in the state can be 30-40 cents above the national median.

Depending on your lifestyle, utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and internet could be higher in Michigan than in other parts of the country. Considering the higher living costs, it’s helpful to factor these added expenses into your budget before deciding to move and settle in Michigan.

2. Weather and Climate

Take the time to research the climate and weather Michigan is known for. It is known for its changing seasons, intense but unpredictable winters, and unpredictable weather year-round.

Winters in Michigan can be extremely cold and snowy, while the summers are often hot and humid. Spring and fall offer milder temperatures and more rainfall. Rainfall is more likely throughout the year in the lower regions of Michigan, such as the southeastern part of the state near Detroit.

The Lake Michigan coastline requires more winter attire than the inland plains. Adapting to the Michigan climate, with its cold and snowy winters and humid and hot summers, can be a challenge, so consider the climate and weather before deciding to have a Michigan life.

3. Job Market

Going to Michigan for work is a big decision, and the job market should be one of the main considerations before deciding to move. It has great employment opportunities in many industries, including automotive, health care, finance, and technology, among many more. 

It also has strong universities and a vibrant entrepreneurial community. So, it is an ideal place for those looking to gain experience and start their businesses. Education level and career experience should also be considered when looking at the job market in the state.

It is wise to research current employers and job openings in the areas people plan to move to. Research the average wages and compare them to other locations to see if the job market in Michigan is a better fit.

4. Living Opportunities

If you are considering moving to Michigan, there are many living opportunities. Depending on your lifestyle, there are various cities to choose from, each with unique advantages. Areas like Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids all offer different cultural experiences.

It would be best to look into the cost of living in each city as it can range widely. Researching public transportation and property availability is vital before committing to a place. It’s also best to consider hiring a local moving company as part of your moving plans. 

5. Schools and Universities

Michigan has numerous prestigious universities and over 500 elementary, middle, and high schools. Research the different universities and schools in the Michigan area you plan to move to. Check which universities are best for your intended study area and which schools can provide the best resources for your children.

Research the tuition rates and associated fees, and compare them to other institutions. Check the local area for the variety of extracurricular activities available to you or your children.

6. Crime Rates

It is also vital to research and understand the crime rates in the area. Michigan’s violent and property crime rate is slightly above the national average. It is best to look into the crime rates for particular cities and towns in Michigan before deciding to move and then decide which area has the lowest crime rates and other dangers.

When deciding to move, it is also important to research the safety features of neighborhoods and buildings. There are resources online to determine crime rates and safety ratings and compare areas across the region.

7. Dining and Cuisines

Dining and cuisines should be one of the aspects you should consider. If you’re a food enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to experience many culinary delights in the state. Michigan is known for its major regional cuisines, including Michigan-style pizza, Michigan salad, Mackinac Island fudge, and more.

Other options include Mediterranean, Mexican and Latin seafood. Many cities also offer fine dining options in hotels and restaurants. You’ll also find all the popular fast-food joints and plenty of local restaurants.

It’s important to consider where you can get the grocery items you need and the food price in the area you plan to live in. Be sure to sample some of the favorite foods found all over the state which you may not be able to find in other states.

8. History and Culture

Michigan is an interesting blend of American and Canadian history, culture, and tradition. It would be best if you also understood the area’s culture. Due to its location in the Great Lakes region, it has a rich history that reflects many aspects of American, Canadian, and Indigenous peoples.

9. Recreation and Attractions

Consider what outdoor activities you enjoy most. If you want water activities, consider whether you’ll have easy access to the Great Lakes.

If you’re more of a fan of hiking and camping, consider the abundance of trails and forests throughout Michigan. Other popular outdoor activities for Michiganders include some of the state’s many national and state parks.

If you’re more of an indoor person, don’t fear! Michigan is home to numerous museums, galleries, and theaters.

Make Yourself Informed Before Your Move to Michigan

Michigan offers much in terms of industry, culture, and lifestyle. But, it is important to consider these things before you move to Michigan thoroughly. Knowing these details will help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Take a look today to get started on your Michigan relocation journey.

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